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Cycling In Aburi – A Badass Adventure

Akwaaba to you TWA family!! Let’s take a trip to the green hills of Aburi, one of my favorite places in Ghana. Been a while I indulged in any sporting activities, hence the whole body ache I feel from yesterday’s ...

Donkor Nsu – The Slave River In Assin Manso

I went to the Donkor Nsu river in the town of  Assin Manso together with my oral literature class last Saturday. The river is also  referred to as the slave river because that is where the slaves had their last ...

12 Beautiful Places To Visit In Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa with a population of about 25.9 million people and Greater Accra named as it’s capital city. It shares borders with Togo-east, Burkina Faso-north, Ivory Cost-west and the gulf of Guinea to the south. It’s ...