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Cycling In Aburi – A Badass Adventure

Akwaaba to you TWA family!! Let’s take a trip to the green hills of Aburi, one of my favorite places in Ghana. Been a while I indulged in any sporting activities, hence the whole body ache I feel from yesterday’s ...

Locked Down At Lansdown Resort Aburi

Aloha to my TWA family. I know it’s been two good weeks since I last updated you on something new. My bad. I’ve been met with school pressure and few other things that kept me away from my blog. This ...

Visiting The Aburi Botanical Gardern

Just about 40 minutes drive from Accra the capital of Ghana, you would find one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to visit in Ghana (Aburi Botanical Gardern). The garden located in the Eastern region of Ghana was opened ...