travelwithapril, april negoHello there! welcome to my blog, a travel blog aimed towards seeking adventures and cultural experiences.

I’m April, also called Senyuie(sir-nnui) I grew up in Ghana with high hopes and big dreams and I have an undying love for travel. I love seeking adventures, admiring nature, experiencing new culture, eating good food and photography. My crush on this world makes me curious to see what’s on the other side of it so join me on my journey to explore wherever I find myself.

This blog is a digital documentation of my life and travel experiences. I’ll share with you lots of secrets I’ll come across on the road, travel stories, amazing pictures, videos and a whole lot in hopes to inspire you to go out and do more. I promise you nothing boring on here so keep up with the blog and subscribe to my weekly newsletters below for every new updates on here.

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Love, April.