Hey wanderlusters, Seasons greetings to you’ll. Guessing you’ve been having a bomb ass holiday. In my previous post, I wrote about not having time to post and all that, but this new post is to let you know I’m back with a bang and ready for the blog. I’ll be publishing a post at least once a week so stay updated guys and signup for my newsletters.

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Talk of updates, I’m still working on changing the theme which should be finished before January 2018 ends. I now have two URL to this blog (uniform resource locator, is a reference to access a specific webpage or file on the internet). One is Travelwithapril.com and the other is Aprilnego.com anyone you choose to type will still direct you to this blog.

Mombasa, Kenya, Diana beach

On that note, I’ll soon be off to somewhere beautiful to end 2017 in a stress free atmosphere, can you guess where?. I’ll share lots of pictures from there with you in my upcoming posts. Enjoy your holidays and stay awesome! One more thing, if you want to experience live moment with me on my instagram and snapchat then my account name is  Aprilnego.
Love, April.

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