The SGR Kenya Train Ride

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This isn’t going to be a lengthy post, rather a brief one in which I’ll try as much as possible to capture every note worthy information you might need. While in Kenya, I couldn’t afford being left out on experiencing the new SGR Kenya train ride but it was a little hectic getting a ticket so with this post, I’ll help you skip the hectic aspect.

Initially the plan was to join the train from Nairobi to Mombasa and likewise with the intention of purchasing a ticket a day before departure. Little did I know the demand for tickets at the time was high due to summer and the 2017 elections so my attempt to purchase a ticket 2days before departure to Mombasa failed. Normally ticket purchasing begins 3days of departure to Nairobi/Mombasa.

I’d advice you go purchase directly from the train terminal or through a trusted agent. I got my ticket in Mombasa through an agent at an extra cost, 3days to the departure. Anyway, it was a pleasant ride through the Safari I also spotted some Elephants, Zebras and Antelopes on the way.


  • Economy SGR ticket cost KSH 700

  • First class SGR ticket cost KSH 3000

  • Most importantly, the Sgr Kenya train takes off at exactly 9am so make it a point to be at the terminal by 8am at most because you need to go through checkin.

Here’s a video of my full review.

XO, April.

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