The Nairobi National Park & Feeding Giraffes

Who goes for a vacation in Kenya without going on a Safari or at least visiting the giraffe center? Well, it’s definately not me, there’s no way I’ll visit Kenya without spicing it up with a Safari…Just had to say!

Fast forward, had the chance to visit the Nairobi safari walk a day after my arrival in Kenya and I’ve got a lot to share with you. Did you know the Nairobi national park is the only national park in the world located in a capital city?. No? I’m honoured to be the one informing you.

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sitting pretty on a Leopards fence

Within the walls of the Nairobi national park is the Nairobi Safari walk, the Elephant orphanage and let me add the Masai men(Just because I see them as tourist attractions and was soo looking forward to seeing them). The Giraffe center on the other hand is approximately another 20minutes drive from the Nairobi national park.

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I opted for the Safari walk, which to me seemed more like a bigger version of a zoo (I’ve actually not been to a zoo before 😏 but I guess am right) with animals like Lion, Cheetahs, Hippos, Hyena,Rhino, Leopard, Monkey(they feed on leaves), Crocodile, the rest I can’t recall. I really was looking forward to seeing the Lion and the Leopard which I did see, OMG and the roar of the lion got realizing how powerful this animal is, same as the Leopard. I loved the experience and seeing lots of these animals for the first time made it feel more interesting, satisfying and my bucket list getting lighter.

Lion, monkeys, Safari walk, Nairobi safari walk, Nairobi national park


Hippos, hippopotamus, Nairobi national park, safari in the city


Buffalo, safari in the city, Kenya, Nairobi, Nairobi national park, vacation in Kenya


Masai men, Masai, Nairobi national park, safari walk in Kenya

Lion, lioness, Nairobi safari walk, Kenya, Safari in kenya

Rhinos, Nairobi safari walk, Nairobi national park, wild beast, game animals, Kenya


Within an hour, I was done seeing all the above mentioned animals and headed towards the Giraffe center to tick off feeding giraffes on my bucket list. It took approximately 20minutes drive from the Nairobi national park to the Giraffe center. I saw the long neck giraffes who came feeding in my palms.

Their tongue feels hairy and leaves a weird feel at the first feed but I ended up enjoying the process and fed 3 out of the 10 Giraffes countless times not forgetting the Warthdogs. It’s a beautiful moment and good memories I’ll always cherish.



Nairobi Safari walk entrance fee

It cost KSH 250 for locals land KSH 2547 for non-Kenyan ($22). Also note that there’s no cash payments made here at the Nairobi Safari walk, all payments are made via Mpesa(mobile money transfer) or through a Visa/master card.


Giraffe center entrance fee

Kenyans pay KSH 250 to enter while non- Kenyas pay KSH 1000($10) to access the place. Cash is accepted here as a form of payment.



XO, April.

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