64Visa Free Countries To Travel As A Ghanaian

Hi wanderlusters, you probably reading this post because you need a vacation without the stress of getting a visa right?. Well this is for you-(Ghanaian passport holders only). As at August,2019 there are 64 visa free countries for you to travel which means you don’t have to go through the hustle of getting a visa before taking that trip. All you need is your passport and a flight ticket. These countries include ….

        1. Barbados
        2. Belize
        3. Bangladesh
        4. Benin
        5. Bolivia
        6. Burkina Faso
        7. Cambodia
        8. Cape Verde
        9. Cook Islands
        10. Cote d’Ivoire
        11. Comoros
        12. Djibouti
        13. Dominica
        14. Ecuador
        15. Ethiopia
        16. Fiji
        17. Gambia
        18. Gabon
        19. Grenada
        20. Guinea
        21. Guinea-Bissau
        22. Iran
        23. Indonesia
        24. Haiti
        25. Jamaica
        26. Jordan
        27. Kenya
        28. Liberia
        29. Lesotho
        30. Malawi
        31. Mali
        32. Mauritania
        33. Mauritius
        34. Micronesia
        35. Maldives
        36. Madagascar
        37. Mozambique
        38. Niger
        39. Nicaragua
        40. Nigeria
        41. Philippines
        42. Saint Kitts and Nevis
        43. Palau
        44. Rwanda
        45. Sao tome
        46. Saint Lucia
        47. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
        48. Senegal
        49. Sierra Leone
        50. Singapore
        51. Eswatini
        52. Samoa
        53. South Africa
        54. Seychelles
        55. Tanzania
        56. Tuvalu
        57. Timor Leste
        58. Togo
        59. Trinidad and Tobago
        60. Turks and Caicos Islands
        61. Vanuatu
        62. Uganda
        63. Zambia
        64. Zimbabwe
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Note: Some of the above listed countries will allow you travel without a visa and some on the other hand prefer issuing visa on arrival. Make sure to check with the countries immigration earlier before your travel date for their visa policies because they do change frequently.

Here you have it, 64 visa free countries for Ghanaian passport holders. I just wish Namibia is part of the list. So tell me, which of the countries are you looking forward to visiting soon?

Love, April. XO

 countries source wikipedia.


  1. Daniel 13 August, 2017 at 21:43 Reply

    I appreciate your post as it captures countries one can explore without visa. I’d like to add that, please update that of Bangladesh as the country has made strict immigration laws limiting visa on arrival or visa free entry option.

    • April 14 August, 2017 at 22:01 Reply

      Thank you Daniel, anyway do you mean to say Bangladesh is no more visa free or gives visa on arrival to Ghanaian passport holders? Briefly elaborate your reply cause other readers might find it very helpful.

  2. Tahiru 14 August, 2017 at 22:05 Reply

    But April, you should have mention some difficulties involve in travelling to some of those countries. Traveling to Singapore, you wouldn’t need a transit visa through anywhere before you get to Singapore. You mention Barbados, I agreed with you that Barbados is visa free for Ghanaians, but before you get to Barbados, most of these airlines pass through the USA before they connect you to Barbados because there’s no direct flight from Ghana to Barbados. And almost all the airlines would transit you to the US to Barbados. So you would be asked to get USA transit visa if you are flying with delta airlines. With klm, you would be required to get France transit visa and USA transit visa because klm would transit through France and through USA. Without transit visa, hardly for one to make it to this Barbados, Trinidad, and even Belize. Apart from.Fiji islands, Singapore, that you may not need a transit visa to travel there, but the central American countries would need a transit visa to USA. But trust me getting transit visa through USA is a hard thing because USA embassy in Ghana would not give you transit visa. So please before you anyone make such move , they should find out from the airlines . Singapore, with emirate airline ,you won’t need transit visa. Fiji islands, you won’t need a transit visa if you are flying with emirate. They would transit you through dubai I don’t know about other airlines to Singapore or Fiji islands, but with emirate, you won’t need transit visa

  3. Abdulai 7 December, 2017 at 10:51 Reply

    Please I have gained admission to America university of Barbados and my student visa is in process meanwhile I supposed to report on 01/01/18,it will be ready when I get there. So as a Ghanaian can I go with only my passport?

  4. Ruty 19 January, 2018 at 23:54 Reply

    Am planning of visiting Zimbabwe for holidays. What do i need to do as a Ghanaian passport holder. To avoid difficulties and challenges.

  5. Derrick 15 February, 2018 at 17:36 Reply

    Am Derrick from ghana, i want to travel to Barbados with my family for holidays. Please can you show me the guidelines on how to get there?

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