Visiting Waterfalls || Cascade De Kpime In Kpalime- Togo

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Cascade de Kpime is one of the names that pops up when you talk of touristic places to visit in Togo. Soo often I’d come up with several excuses which distorted my visit to Kpalime, I’m glad I finally ticked it off my bucket list on this trip with my friends Jay and Bernice. From Lome the capital of Togo, you’ll never get bored driving on the two and half hours road stretch to the falls while checking out the beautiful scenery along the way. We safely arrived at the water falls in Kpime with the help of google maps and locals we would stop by to confirm from locals if we’re on the right path.

Cascade de Kpime, Togo waterfalls, Kpalime, Kpime

First waterfall but empty

1000CFA per head as entrance fee to the waterfalls is totally fine but being welcomed by an empty scene is a cheat 😏. Maybe I should have known better, I know it’s not the right season to visit waterfalls but well, we did. Just so you don’t make same mistake, you should go in between May-August (that’s a good season  to get a better experience and view of the waterfall.

The guide Presented us with a second option of driving 6km up the mountain, park the car and continue on a 30minutes hike to see the second waterfall which had enough water falling. I’m not too sure if we understood what he meant but hey! what better option could we have so we curiously locked down that option not having the slightest idea what we’d sign up for.

Road selfie

Three minutes into the Journey we realized that was a bad decision we made(probably the best for adrenaline junkies), anyway we’re already there and there was no way going back because there was even nowhere to turn. Two cars couldn’t use the lane at a time, one has to wait for the other to finish the entire 6km before the other sets off. On a more serious note if we had the slightest idea this is what awaits us, we’d have left after seeing the empty fall. Drive vigilantly because the slightest mistake and you’re dead down the ditch. I could finally take a deep breath after we safely parked on top of the mountain, then immediately begun our 30minutes hike to see the second waterfall.

One of the many streams we encountered while hiking to the waterfalls

There lots of interesting things you’ll come across during the hike, like a palmwine plantation, a huge cocoa farm, you also get to see monkeys if you get there early before they leave to hunt for food or if you stay a little late till they get back from hunting, a lake(I forgot what the guy said about it), streams and I also found baobab.

Cascade togo west africa, kpalime, cascade de kpime

Second waterfall with heavy downpour

Cascade de Kpime, Kpalime waterfalls, travelwithapril, places to visit in togo

At the bottom of the waterfall

The second waterfall didn’t disappoint, it’s beautiful with lush green scenery. Just as the guide said, the water was pouring very heavily (remember it’s a big deal because most falls at this time are dry, I mean as dry as my lips in harmattan) so u can imagine how much water falls during the rainy season. Took a few pictures, tried getting in the water- I stepped in it, didn’t have the guts to swim since no one else dared to. I did what I had to do and step out to get ready for the 30minutes hike back to where we left the car and the horrifying drive back to the entrance.

Baobab, Kpalime, cascade de Kpime

I found baobab, was really good 😋

Honestly, even before seeing the waterfalls, I was still thinking of the ride down that mountain back to the main entrance. God being too nice, we pulled through safely and just when we got to the entrance, it begun to rain. I admit I was a bit disappointed because I had big plans for seeing the sunset. All the same, we got to the hotel safely: feeling happy and fulfilled upon our achievements earlier. Whichever way, I loved my experience and enjoyed every bit of the day. Long live Togo, Long live Cascade de Kpime, Long live the adventurer.

Ever made it to Cascade de Kpime? Comment your experience! If not, when are you looking forward to visiting?

Love, April.


Here’s the full video from the trip.

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