10 Tips To Exploring Togo,West Africa

Hey you wanderluster! Welcome. Guess by now you’re fully updated with all the magical moments of my previous weekend in Lome?. Well if you aren’t, then check it out. That was actually my fourth visit to this beautiful country and I thought why not put down all you know to help guide newbies wandering in Togo?.So here it is, a new post to help guide you during your stay in Togo-West Africa. These tips will walk you through how to move around and stay safe while in the country.

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Cascade de Kpime in Kpalime

1. The two main languages spoken are French and Ewe. An ewe dialect with a doze of French, “very different from the one am familiar with in Ghana”.
2. Motor taxis are the main mode of transportation, locally called Limousine. You rarely see a taxi/cab but when you do, you can identify them by the yellow number plates. Google to find rentals if you need a private car. I do enjoy taking the bikes tho.
3. You think you have a good camera? Well don’t go about taking pictures without asking permission. After my experience being arrested for taking pictures, I’m just the right person to give inform you – as this tip is one I’ll always remember to give you.
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Togolese 2000 Cfa

4. CFA is the main currency used in Togo and its neighboring Francophone countries. So if you’re coming in through the border, be sure to change your currency to CFA before leaving the border area- check online for rates to avoid being cheated. This money dealers at the border try to play smart sometimes. Don’t forget to keep your money somewhere safe.
5. Some hotels accept visa as a form of payment eg. Sarakawa, Raddison. To avoid being cheated at the border while changing your currency to CFA, you can as well use your Visa card at any visa accepted ATM’s to withdraw the equivalent of your currency in CFA or opt to make payments with visa at places it’s accepted. Very few places accept visa/MasterCard payments.
6. There are quite a number restaurants in Lome, ranging from high end to the end of the average person and not forgetting street foods.Most of the foods I tried were pure french dishes, first time trying some and they tasted really good – taste differs.

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7. Try to be as decent in your choice of clothing as possible when going into public places just to be on the safer side. Most African countries don’t like you showing too much skin.
8. Ever heard the saying, the Police are your friends? Well, I guess it’s true when they say that in Togo because the Police are really cool and friendly, in as much as we had problems with communication due to language barrier, they still helped a lot in directing us to places we thought we solely couldn’t rely on google maps. The coolest part, they don’t bug you with their “find something for us” phrase 😏. Feel easy and don’t be scared to approach them when you need their help.
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9. Yes there’s internet, it’s not like the fastest but it’s 3G and basically what we used to read our google map and upload Snapchat stories and other doing other things online.
10. There’s only two mobile network, Togocell and Moov. To use any of these networks, you need to register at their various offices so don’t forget to carry along your passport when you visit their office to be able to buy yourself a SIM card.

 Places to visit

For things to see and do while in Togo, I’ve got a list of them you should see.

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Lome Main Street

Hope you found this Togo travel guide useful. Drop a comment to add up to the list if you’ve leaved or have been to Togo severally and I’ll update the list with it. On that note, Merci beaucoup et Bon voyages!

Love, April.

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