48 Hours In Togo. Lome, Kpalime And Agbodrafo

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Hey Lome, nice to be back in this city again and each time I’m around still feels like the first visit. It’s been almost a year since I last stepped foot in Togo, this time I went with my friends, Jay and Bernice. We agreed spending our weekend in Togo and that’s exactly what we did.

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On our way to Cascade de kpim, We pulled over for this picture

We left Accra at 12noon on a 3 and half hours drive hoping to arrive there around 4pm so we can rest enough before we step out at night. Well we got confused at the Tema roundabout and ended up using the wrong route to Aflao, which made us waste an extra 45mins getting through that holdup. Then we got stucked at the border, went through a little stress trying to get papers for the car and oh at the end got scammed by those agents…Lol. Upon arrival at 7:30pm instead of the 4pm we estimated, plans for partying that Friday night had to be canceled and we nicely passed out the night sleeping.

weekend in togo, lome

Lome Main Street

sarakawa hotel, hotels in lome, weekend in togo

My morning view

Then came Saturday, the day we’ve all been anxiously waiting for -just because it’s 1st April! “just kidding”, actually because it’s packed with lots of activities. First things first, breakfast then off to hike Kpalime and see the waterfalls. 2hours self drive with the help of google maps took us through Lome, Keve and finally arriving in Kpalime. Just to say, the Police is Togo are really cool and friendly people! you could easily approach them without fear and they also don’t bug you for money. We asked the police for directions at a point where we choose not to solely rely on google maps, our only problem was the language barrier but I pulled through with the Ewe language.

cascade de kpim, kpalime waaterfalls, Togo, Lome, Kpalime, weekend in togo

The first water fall …Empty

We eventually found ourselves at this amazingly beautiful waterfalls with no water, “Casecade de kpim”. Due to the season, there was just little water pouring but we had another option to drive up the mountain to see a second waterfalls with water. That’s why we came right? So we agreed to driving 6km stretch up on the edge of the 400-500feet mountain not knowing the risk involved. How we got up there is a full story for another day. Honestly, my heart(actually our hearts) went hiding under my feet. Careful when you drive up there cus the slightest mistake you make, you’re going down that ditch dead 💀, I really mean it.

cascade de kpim, kpime, kpalime, Togo, kpalime waterfalls, waterfalls in Togo, weekend in togo

The second waterfall with water flowing

Upon arrival on the mountain, we embarked on an additional 25minutes hike to the waterfalls. It’s beautiful 😍, the view was actually worth the scary drive up the mountain. I really don’t think I’ll ever go up there again especially by car, I might consider by foot which probably might take an hour hike. It’s more like a once in a lifetime experience. In as much as it freaked me out, I absolutely loved the fear factor experience.

cascade de kpim, weekend in togo

The water is soo cold

On our way back, we made several stops to buy some of the fresh and affordable food items from the locals along the road. We drove back to the hotel hoping to arrive on time to catch a glimpse of the sunset(my love for sunsets tho) which never happened instead we got something to eat and prepared ourselves ready for the night out. Raddison blu’s Aske night club is where I’lld have loved to party but it wasn’t opened until a week time so we opted for the very old and famous Monte Christo which never disappoints. Find the video from the club below.

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Standing at the car park of Raddison Blu

Lome, beaches in Lome, Togo, weekend in togo

Beautiful beach in Lome

The next day being Sunday was our last day in Togo so we had to make it epic. Started the day with breakfast then headed towards the hotels beach to spend 20mins more there, from there we packed our luggae and headed towards O’lodge in Agbodrafo to climax the trip. This is a very interesting place, really perfect spot for water sports with four pools, a water slide and boats. It’s truly spectacular out there and you can watch all the videos I made from my trip below.

Travelwithapril, beach is where my heart is, Togo, beaches in Lome, weekend in togo

Admiring nature

Togo, Lome, O'lodge, Agbodrafo, Travelwithapril, weekend in togo

Swimming at O’lodge

All too soon, we bid goodbye to Togo and found our way back to Accra, this time round crossing the border was quicker than expected, we came out of the car and went through the whole process all by ourselves avoiding being scammed again. I had an amazing weekend in Togo, so did my friends and we plan on having so many more fun weekend getaways like this. Happy travels guys.

Videos from my trip

Love, April.


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