One Year Of Travel Recap And Picture

Travelwithapril is a year YAY! I personally THANK YOU, for being one of the most engaged, consistent and intelligent group of followers a girl could ask for! I continuously stay encouraged on this journey with your help through reads,comments,subscriptions, shares, features, e-mails and am humbly grateful. I’lld ask that you continue to show your loyalty towards this blog by reading as you always do and introducing a friend or two to it .

Moving on to updates, I’d wanted to be updating you quarterly on the progress of the blog, thus, let you know of where I’ve been/visited during that period, posts published, popular posts, the first 4 countries with the highest visitors on my blog etc. I was able to put up the 1st and 2nd quarter reports but along the line, didn’t get enough time to put up the 3rd quarter report.

I know I have to be consistent with the updates but since I can’t keep up because of few other things, I came to a decision to compile a 6months report instead. I’ll gist you all about the progress I made on this very blog, which include all the above listed earlier with new stuff like the most active TWA reader and guest posts.

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5 Most popular blog posts(accordinly)

Best night Clubs In Accra – The Current list
Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2016- Why I’ll Be There
18 Best restaurants in Accra For Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner
70 Beach Quotes And Sayings That Will Make You Day Dream About The Beach.
9 Things You Need To Know Before Making A Trip To Mountain Afadja.


Other posts: There are 122 posts published and 173comments within the first year, I’ll list 7 of the post.

Journey To The East-Umbrella Rock And Boti Falls
Beaches In Ghana You Should Really Visit
Quick Guide To Boti Falls And The Umbrella Rock
Canopy Walk In Kakum National Park -CapeCoast | Travel With April
9 Interesting Things To Do In Kumasi
Hiking Afadjato – Highest Mountain In Ghana
Festivals In Ghana With Dates

Locations with the most active users: I only list the top 4 countries out of the many locations


Unites states

United Kingdom


Most liked pictures On Instagram


2 Of my best moments

That moment I at the peak of mountain afadja for me was just the best and exploring Keta, Sogakofe and Sokpe.


Encouraging emails

I receive a number of emails and messages from some of you wonderful users appreciating what I do, I’ll only display 2 of the screenshoted messages since I can’t display all. Thank you guys for the love, your messages encourage me to do more and better. You’re awesome *kisses.

Thank you Gloria.

Thank you Mike


Most active user on the blog

Undoubtedly this section goes to Chris Green from the U.K who visits Ghana from time to time. He’s been active with comments and suggestions here on the blog, Facebook and instagram. Chris also featured on photo story Friday with his post Tamberma valley.

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Coming up later in this year – 2017

I Haven’t got a plan down nyet but am definetly going to be seeking alot of adventures and discovering new and cool stuff in and out of Ghana.

So this is basically all there is to say! Happy 1year Travelwithapril, may you continue to grow rapidly among readers and search engines. Happy one year anniversary to you loyal wanderlusters, much love from me to you for being the loyal reader that you are. You’re awesome guys, hey you thank you.
Love, April.

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