Canoeing On The Volta River

Like many other weekends I didn’t write about, I again got away to Akosombo in Eastern Ghana which turned out to be one memorable getaway. I lodged at Aloys bay garden which had a river front view- really love that place and scenery. A little more touches to the room and food then it turns a perfect little heaven. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a storm wish didn’t give me much chance to admire the evening view.
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The lul before the storm

storm, lightning, thunder storm, Adam bridge

The beautiful effect due to lightning after the rain at 8pm. My fav picture by far.

The most memorable moment of this trip is my time canoeing on the Volta river and view of the place from my balcony. There’s the Adomi bridge and Akosombo continental to my right, a small island to the left and lush green mountainous view right in my face. I felt like I left the chaos behind me, the calmness and it actually really felt like I was present in a different world.

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Just couldn’t help the excitement

Finally got on a canoe to ride on the calm Volta river. 14years old clement was my host, he offered to take me on a 45minutes ride to an island(where I could get down and walk then bring me back. I really wasn’t ready to spend that much time on the river so I opted for a shorter ride to a much smaller island 10minutes ride away from where I was. It was one magical moment on the river and also my first time in a canoe but I had no fears at all rather than live the moment.

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Clement canoeing on the volta river

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seeking happiness in a dose of nature

This is a perfect spot for nature lovers and just wanting a lazy getaway. I’lld love to be back in Akosombo soon and explore much of the place. Like go see the Akosombo dam or take a longer version of the canoe ride on the river.

Here’s a video from my trip, click to watch. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Additional information.
Akosombo is about 90minutes, maximum 2 hours drive from Accra. Approximately, 40minutes drive from Shai hills reserve.
Things to do/See
°°There’s the Tsenku waterfalls around you can go visit.
°°Go on a Canoe or boat ride on the Volta river.
°°Checkout the Adomi bridge.
°°The Akosombo dam can also be toured.
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Clement paddling his canoe on the Volta river, Ghana, Akosombo, Nego, volta river

The beauty of nature

If you’ve been in this area and have suggestions on where to checkout in and around Akosombo, please don’t  hesitate to add up to the list by leaving a comment below.

Love, April.


  1. Shiela 12 July, 2019 at 12:44 Reply

    Hi April, I only recently found out about our website. I’ve been following you on YouTube. Roughly how much did it cost for the lodging and for the canoe price please? How do you get there once you reach Adomi Bridge?

    • April 19 July, 2019 at 16:48 Reply

      Hello Shiela, the accommodation was about GHS200 and the canoe I don’t think cost more than GHS20. From Adomi bridge you can ask for Aloys bay, they’ll direct you.

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