5 Tips For Traveling In Ghana

When you travel, remember that a foreign land is not designed to make you comfortable. It’s designed to keep it’s own people comfortable-Clifton Fadiman. With that in mind, I’m sharing with you 5 great tips for traveling in Ghana to help make your stay an enjoyable one.

Moving on, traveling within the country can be much exiting depending on your interest. Best part is, the locals are always ready to help with informations within their reach. You just need to do and avoid few things to stay safe, less stressed and out of trouble.

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** First seek permission from the people before you take pictures of them, most of these people find it very offensive. I remember how the market women almost seized Tokelo’s (a South African fashion blogger) phone when she took a picture of their food stuff without their permission. They really scared the excitement out of her.

** Ghanaians don’t like showing skin(this apply to most African countries) so you might want to limit the amount of skin you show depending on where you’re going. Don’t try it if you know you’ll be feeling uncomfortable with all the weird stare & chit chat from the locals around you.

** Always carry cash with you because most places don’t use credit cards, but remember to keep your purse safe from pickpockets especially in crowded places.

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**Come along with a sun screen and bug spray, you can also get one to buy here if you don’t have. It’s almost always summer in Ghana so you’re definitely going to need the sunscreen to help you relate with the scorching sun. The bug spray might also be needed on a normal day or when seeking some adventures. Don’t forget to get a yellow fever vaccination for protection against yellow fever. Do all these and your body will thank you later.

***Finally, Get yourself a power bank, thus, if you’re not going to be always staying in a hotel while here. Due to the famous dumsor(power outage), You’ll need it to keep your phone/camera alive to capture moments and keep up with family & friends. Last one please! Learn to enjoy waiting 😁 and have patience as well, things take a bit of time here sometimes.

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So that’s it, hope this travel tips for Ghana Africa help keep you safe while traveling. You can also use these tips in some other African countries. Wanna add up? Have a question? Hit the comment box below. You can also checkout places to visit in Ghana.

On that note, I’ll say Happy 60th Independence Day to my country 🇬🇭. May you continue to develop in wealth and strength and under good leadership. Long live Ghana.


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