Journey To The East-Umbrella Rock And Boti Falls

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Boti falls. The name says it all. One of Ghana’s most iconic natural wonder. A trip to this wonderland is been on my bucket list ever since. Not far from the Water falls, is the Umbrella Rock in an extraordinary landscape. I couldn’t wait to explore.

After numerous postponement of my trip to Boti, the day finally came to experience this mystical beauty. The umbrella rock and the Boti falls are both located in the Eastern region of Ghana.I was soo bent on journeying to the East that, even the early morning drizzle failed to lure me to stay back and sleep. I immediately packed all I needed for the trip, put on some shorts and set off for the days adventure. Check here for tips on how to get there and what to expect. The ride via trotro served as an excellent way to see the terrains of Aburi and Koforidua. In less than 3 hours, I found myself standing right in front of the tall entrance of Boti falls.

boti falls, umbrella rock, visit ghana, tourist attractions in ghana, travel with april, africa, nature

My heart filled with excitement knowing I was able to make it this far after passing up so many opportunities and also because I knew I was about experiencing something new and magnificent (you relate right?). Anyway, Just like any other tourist site, you are to pay an entrance fee. After payment, a couple of tourists (from the United States and the UK) and I were briefly taken through the history of the place and assigned a guide for the day.

Michael our guide, suggested we first hike to the umbrella rock(45minutes walk) which can also be reached by a car in less than 10minutes and then back to the water falls which is only 5minutes walk from the main entrance. We all chose to go by foot. Armed with a bottle of water, we begun the journey. As it turned out, it was not an easy hike but we were determined to go beyond our limit to see the world in a new light. The pathway is entirely rough rocks making it very difficult to descend. Caution folks. Along the way, Michael showed us some interesting natural signs depicting the sexual human organs on a rock and a praying hand on another rock. see pics below.


A rock displaying the male and female sex organs

boti falls, umbrella rock, visit ghana, tourist attractions in ghana, travel with april, africa, nature, rocks

A rock signifying the praying hand

After descending, we crossed a river barefooted (I believe this experience is exclusive to only visitors during the raining season) then we begun to climb up. There’s this ancient cave right around the river, it’s thousands of years old and acted as shelter for cavemen many years ago. We continued hiking the rocky pathway ascending to the umbrella rock. It’s only 10minutes from where the river and ancient cave is located. Not long after, we came across this huge rock-I mean really huge hanging in the air, it’s the umbrella rock. As the name suggest, the Umbrella rock is a rock in the shape of an Umbrella.

umbrella rock,travelwithapril, botifalls,eastern reagion, ghana travel

It’s spacious enough to shelter up to about 30people under the rock at a time. The admirable green view and refreshing air from under the rock was worth all the stress I had to go through to arrive there. As at the time of my visit, the wooden ladder used to climb to the top of the rock had broken down so I wasn’t able to go up there. I was told they are in the process of getting a new metal ladder so you just might be lucky to go up there when you visit. You can get your water or palm wine from some of the traders at the site to cool off and not forgetting there’s boiled egg with pepper😋.

If you’ve heard of the three headed palm tree or the Cactus palm tree, it’s only 5minutes walk away from the umbrella rock, you might want to check it out before leaving. Still trying to figure out why I didn’t go to check out that tree, I guess I just felt too comfortable under the shade of the umbrella. We spent 30 minutes cooling off under the umbrella before continuing the hike back to Boti falls which took less time than we used while coming up.

boti falls, umbrella rock, visit ghana, tourist attractions in ghana, travel with april, africa, nature,

cooling off…. later

In less than 40 minutes we were back at the resting area and ready to descend 250steps to see the Boti waterfall. It takes less than 5minutes to descend the steps after which you’re faced with this beautiful twin fall genderized by locals as a male and female. As much as I’ll d have loved to swim, we were all stopped from doing so because it had rained a day prior to our visit resulting in a rise in volume of the water that day. The Boti falls is just wonderful and I didn’t need to get into the water to get wet. The sound of the falls and the mist alone was worth the trip. As you see, there is a lot more to do at Boti than taking selfies. I left to enjoy some raw cocoa bean sold at the entrance before heading back to Accra.

boti falls, umbrella rock, visit ghana, tourist attractions in ghana, travel with april, africa, nature, twin falls

cocoa, ghana cocoa, travel, umbrella rock, boti falls

This is Cocoa, in case you didn’t know

More pics

boti falls, ghana

resting area

boti falls, twin falls, travelwithapril, umbrella rock, ghana, tourist attractions in Ghana

The twin water falls, the right is the male and the left is the female

boti falls, twin falls, water falls in ghana, travel ghana, umbrella rock

Boti falls

ancient cave, travelwithapril, caves in Ghana, cave

Standing under the ancient cave

stream, boti falls, umbrella rock, ancient cave, travelwithapril,ghana blog

The moment we had to cross the stream barefooted. Beautiful moments.

umbrella rock, travelwithapril, boti falls, Ghana

The umbrella rock from afar

april, Ghana, umbrella rock

green views from under the rock

travelwithapril, Travel ghana, umbrella rock, boti falls, ghana blogs,umbrella rock, boti falls, Africa

The stubborn path we hiked on to the umbrella rock

travelwithapril, boti falls, umbrella rock, Ghana

Admiring views

umbrella rock, travel with april, Ghana travel blog, Ghana, Eastern region, Botifalls

Just me

I want to hear from you! ever been to the umbrella rock, Boti falls and the 3 headed palm tree? Share your experience with us. Hit the comment box below to ask your questions and leave a comment. Happy adventure.


  1. Nana Yeboah 6 March, 2017 at 03:50 Reply

    I plan to take these trips when I’m in Ghana this April 2017. Great info! And if you happen to go there this April I’ll be glad to tag along.

    • April 27 March, 2017 at 21:41 Reply

      Ooops! thus cus you went during the dry season but hey you had fun and that’s great. Note that timing plays a role in seeing waterfalls, happy travels.

  2. Dianne 28 December, 2017 at 13:34 Reply

    That’s absolutely beautiful. I’m in Tema right now and would love to see it this go around!
    Would there be water in December?

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