Playing Golf At The Achimota Golf Club

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Aloha to all TWA readers. Golf has never been a word in my vocabulary, but after three weeks of white sands holiday I thought it was time I leave my comfort zone and hit the greens.

You may recall my last trip to Cape Coast I resided at a beautiful hotel with its own golf course. From the comfort of my balcony, I watched all this folks enjoying themselves, walking the lawns hitting hole after hole. Led by curiosity, I made it to the Achimota golf club this week. Yes, the golf club wanting to know all it involved aside walking and hitting a ball into a hole. I used to believe playing golf was for the oldies, but I got it all wrong. Anyone can play as long as you’re big enough to hold a club, swing, and attempt to hit the ball., you’re good to go.

I was all game for day1 to walk the course “not play” and excited about my first day being there. Little did I know what I signed up for. It’s a full round course which consists of 18holes, each hole is played once and can be played alone or between a number of people. It was nice knowing all 18holes aren’t located on one course, they are located on 4 different courses so we ended up crossing the street 5times to continue playing. I loved the movement from course to course, was kinda fun and just nice changing environment and feeding the eyes with beautiful green views.

travelwithapril, golf, achimota golf club, golfing, accra

April after hitting a tee shot

I thought to myself, golf couldn’t be that hard, yeah! yeah! that’s what I thought until missing out on my first stroke and getting worn out by the time I got to hole5. Shout out to all golfers who play 18holes each day, I think I underestimated the game by seeing it as just hitting balls😀. 7miles each day is no joke! on a normal day, I wouldn’t even walk 3miles. I enjoyed everything I did there, hitting some balls, missing other hits, the walk on the course, the stop over at the halfway house, meeting new people(who were all ready to teach me, “Thanks Carlo and Mark”) and all. The best I remember doing was on day2 when I played the ball into the hole with 14 strokes in a par3 zone. I tried.

If you’re a novice, you’ll start at the range. The range is where you’re thought how to hold the golf club, hit the ball and all other things you need to know about golf. How long it takes to move to the main golf course depends on you and how fast you’re able to pickup. The number of par you’re to play varies from 3 to 5 after which any other attempt to score is counted as an additional.

travelwithapril, golf, achimota golf club, golfing, accra, par,africa

Hole4, Par 5

travelwithapril, golf, achimota golf club, golfing, accra, caddie

A caddie at the golf course

Additional information

The distance of all the holes in total is 7miles or 12km. Estimated as walking from the Achimota golf club to Tema motorway. Wheeeew that’s a lot of energy.

If you’re still trying to figure out what par is, it’s the number of strokes you require to get the ball into a hole. eg. Par 4– means you’re to play a limited stroke of 4 to put the ball in the cup(hole). Playing less is good and playing more than 4 will be counted as additional.

If you’re on vacation and want to use the course for a day, it’s GHS 100 and GHS 150 on weekends.

Teeing grounds is the starting place for each hole on a golf course.

To get in touch, contact: +233 302 400221

travelwithapril, golf, achimota golf club, golfing, accra, fitness

travelwithapril, golf, achimota golf club, golfing, accra

I want to hear from you. Are you a golfer? share your first golf experience below. Want to ask a question? type it and hit the comment button.
Love, April.


    • April 22 October, 2016 at 23:28 Reply

      Hahaaa, I did have fun. It was truly a beautiful experience and an amazing place. You need to try hitting those balls one of these days.

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