Hogbetsotso Festival 2016

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Hogbetsotso festival ranks as one of the most popular festivals in Ghana. Also known as the festival of exodus, Hogbetsotso is annually celebrated on the first weekend of November by the people of Anlo in the Volta region. The Anlo’s constitute 36 towns on the coast including keta, Afife, Dabala, Afiadenyigba among others.

It’s a week long festival to celebrate the escape of the Anlos led by the “Red Hunter” from the tyrant King Agokoli of the walled city of Notsie (present day northern Togo) to their current home in Ghana. The ceremony precedes with the purification of the traditional stool, then the peace-making period and ends with a grand durbar of chiefs. The date for the Hogbetsotso festival 2016 is the 5th of November, save it.

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Picture from last years celebration… wait on me for this years own

Try to secure a hotel or place on time to avoid disappointments, that’s if you intend spending a day or more at Anloga to experience the festival. If you’re not able to book any accommodation in Anglo, you can opt for an accommodation in one of the neighboring towns (Sogakofe, Keta or Dabala) and drive to Anloga to witness the festival. Here’s another tip, it will be awesome if you travel in a group for the event (exactly how I’ll be going).

For those going to miss out on this years festival, I’ve got your back, just keep following up with this site. I’ll feed you with all the info, lots of pictures and a video when I return. Just like I did with the Chalewote festival and the Fetu Ogua Afahye festival, no one does it better. Don’t hesitate to say hi when you see me, would love to meet you there. Untill then, stay awesome and have fun.

Happy Hogbetsotso festival.


  1. Chris Green 24 November, 2016 at 17:37 Reply

    Where can I find a schedule of the various festivals held in Ghana?

    Like many of the potential tourist attractions in Ghana, it seems to be unnecessarily difficult to find logistical details of locations, dates, times etc. When I have been lucky enough to attend traditional celebrations in the past, I’ve just found out about them by word of mouth or by being invited by a friend.

    • April 25 November, 2016 at 09:25 Reply

      I’m creating a list of the various festivals in Ghana and when in the year they’ll be held. The list will be posted early next month under Arts/Culture. Just in case you forget, you’ll be updated via newsletter.

  2. Chris Green 26 November, 2016 at 00:26 Reply

    Sounds great – I look forward to it.

    The more specifics you can find out (exact location, date, time etc), the more useful your list will be!

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