Fantasy Coffins In Accra

fantasy coffin, designed coffin, art

Around the Greater Accra Region, there are various carpentry workshops where people can commission the skilled carpenters to make a “fantasy coffin” for a deceased relative. These beautiful works of art are made in the form of something that might represent the person’s profession (eg a fish for a fisherman, a car for driver, a basket of goods for a trader etc), an animal that represents the person’s clan or something from a proverb.

I believe these are exclusive to the Ga people, as I’ve not come across them in other regions of Ghana. I had the privilege of chatting with the carpenters in this workshop in the Teshie-Nungua area of Accra last year. Just a shame that the coffin will be buried!

fantasy coffin, designed coffin, art

designed coffin, fancy coffin, coffin in Ghana

A camera coffin for a photographer.

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