Aloha to all my beautiful friends across the globe. I woke up this morning with a smile just reminiscing about my Sunday well spent at Kusum beach. I have always wanted to dispel the myth, you will have to drive out of Accra to enjoy clean and sandy beaches. I found this beautiful beach right here in Accra, I want to share with you. This Sunday, I had no plans of going out until the scorching sun said “hello”. It’s been long since the sun came out like this which made it a really perfect day to spend on any waterfront.

I made a spontaneous decision to go to the beach, contacted a friend who seemed to be more interested than I was and off we went. I had no particular destination in mind but there was this beach that always caught my attention any time I passed by Bortianor town. Bortianor  is 30minutes drive from Lapaz. I had no idea what to expect, wasn’t even sure if it was a public or private beach or if there was even an entrance to the place.


10 minutes drive after Bojo beach we were able to locate the entrance to the beach,you have to be a little vigilant not to miss it. So the name of the place is Kusum beach island, it is private owned. You’re to pay a token of 5cedis as entrance fee to access this secured clean beach. If 5 cedis is on the high side, you have the option of accessing the other side of the beach which is off Kusum’s property for free.

The straw huts, bamboo seats, and the beautiful palm decorated beach was just the perfect atmosphere I needed to end my Week. I stayed till 7pm, when I felt I’ve had enough of the breeze. They’re opened till 11pm for those who want to spend more time around. I made a short sunset video you can watch in the video section of the main menu but first check out more pictures below…


travelwithapril, beach, bikini, Ghana, beaches in accra
In my hut chilling on kebab and a drink
beach, kebab, accra
That’s the kebab joint
travelwithapril, sunset, accra beaches
Soaked myself in the sun admiring the sun set …my love for sunsets tho
travelwithapril, Kusum beach, beaches in Ghana, beach, beaches in Accra
6.20pm sunset

travelwithapril, Kusum beach, beaches in Ghana, beach, beaches in Accra

img_1477 img_1478

Guys swimming and playing around


What’s your remark on Kusum beach? Hit the comment box below. If you visit this place, I’ll d love a feedback from you and if you’ve already been here, share your thoughts.
Love, April.


  1. Place looks great. Can’t wait to visit. Are the huts private or it’s for all? I suggest you share a GPS location of the places you visit, especially the places that are a lil hard to locate. Great piece tho. More vim.


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