The Door Of No Return – Cape Coast Castle

door of no return, cape coast castle

The Cape Coast castle is one of the many castles built by the Europeans on the coast of West Africa used to hold slaves. This castle is a Unesco world heritage site and it also happens to be the first slave castle I visited in Ghana. The dungeons, the cells and the chains will leave you emotional.

The door of no return” similar to any other slave castle is a small door that led through the outer walls of the Castle where slaves were lowered into boats and then onto the big slaving ships.

Slave ships would go from castle to castle collecting slaves until they were full enough to set sail across the Atlantic. Once a slave passed through “the door of no return” they would never return to Africa again. You can follow the link to read more about the Cape Coast Castle.
door of no return, capecoast castle

Too bad the bat up there also didnt return.

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