The Wli Waterfalls Experience

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In the heart of Agomatsa is the highest water fall in Ghana and west Africa. Getting a taxi from Gbledi where I lodged to Wli would mean I wasn’t ready to see the waterfall so the best way out was to take a 30minutes motorbike ride from Gbledi-Gbogame to Wli Agomatse – a beautiful experience as well. It began to drizzle but my friend and I were fortunate to have arrived at the office on time. Either than that, I would have been soaked in the rain.

15cedis is the amount I paid for the ticket as a non tertiary adult, remember to take your ID card along  if you’re a student for a discount. Ticket price varies. There are two falls, the upper fall and the lower fall. The upper fall takes an hour and half hike to get there while the lower fall takes 45minutes walk. I obviously opted for the lower fall because earlier that day, I went hiking on mountain Afadja.

It didn’t take long to stop raining. Shortly after we started the 45minutes leisure walk to the Wli waterfall(lower) with few expatriates we met around. As I said earlier, it rained so the ground was very wet making it a little difficult to move faster. One would have to cross 9 bridges on the way to the falls. It took only 5minutes to come across the first bridge, the river beneath the bridge is called river Lebu.

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This is the first bridge

Some few minutes walk after River Lebu is the second bridge named Agomatsa. All the bridges are numbered so in case you lose count of the bridges, you can just check on their number to know your progress in the journey. 10minutes into the walk, we came across a house owned by a Rastafarian. I requested for a photograph in front of his house to which he responded yes but it must come at a fee because the people who operate the office don’t pay him. I refused giving him money and as we walked away, we heard him ranting about how the office has neglected him. He actually accused the office of using the tourist money for themselves and failing to attend to his needs bla bla. (I wondered who he is to make such claims and has anyone had a similar experience with him before?).

Rasta man, Wli waterfalls, nature, hohoe, Ghana

In front of the Rasta mans house

As we continued the journey, we came across a cola tree, history tells that the indigenes used this tree to make their own coke. The walk to the lower falls didn’t seem that long; probably because of the several bridges we came across which made us forget how long we’ve been on the road. Not long enough, I came face to face with the most popular waterfalls in Ghana. It’s actually the first waterfalls I have been and it is beautiful. The powerful roar of the waterfall didn’t stop me from having a feel of the water.

wli waterfalls, water falls in Ghana, volta region, attractions in Ghana

Behold!!, I see a beautiful waterfall.

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Couldn’t leave without swimming in the pool of water

Another thing I learnt was that the more the people, the heavier the water flows. For the day I visited, the flow was heavy not because there were many people around but because it had rained. Any picture I took close to the fall came out blur because the water kept hitting on my camera. Be quick about whatever you want to do at the falls because after few minutes it begins to gets cold.

The weather condition at the time of your visit also plays a role. We spent less than 20minutes there and headed back to the office. There is no changing room around so you might want to wear your bikini under your dress before you head to the Wli waterfalls. More pictures and video below……  Happy travels

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Heading towards Wli on a motorbike from Gbledi estate …..#motorbikeselfie

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Another bridge ahead

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