9 Things You Need To Know Before Making A Trip To Mountain Afadja

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• Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana at an elevation of 885m above sea level. It’s also known as Mountain Afadja not mountain Afadjato. This is because,”Afadja” is the name of the mountain and “to” in ewe language means mountain so it would be right to say either mountain Afadja or simply Afadjato. Find below all you need to know before starting your journey to Afadjato

• The mountain is located in the Agumatsa range in the Volta region of Ghana, in between the villages of Liati and Gbledi. There are two entrances to the mountain, one at Liati Wote(main entrance) and the second at Gbledi-Gbogame, I used the second entrance.

afadjato entrance, hohoe, volta region

This is the main entrance at Liati

mountain afadja, afadjato,

This is the second entrance at Gbledi, the one I used

• You can get a trotro from Accra to Hohoe and continue from Hohoe to Liati by motor bike, taxi or trotro. You can also choose to alight at Golokwati and continue to liati/Gblede by motorbike or a taxi (the 2nd option is faster). Use this same direction when you are traveling with your own car.

• The road is dusty- I mean extremely dusty from Nyanbe through Tafi to Godpme. Don’t put on white apparel if you traveling in a trotro. You can get a handkerchief to cover your nose to prevent you from inhaling the dust and also get a headgear to cover your hair if you don’t want to be looking like an albino.

• The journey from Accra to Hohoe is 4 hours. It’s a 50minutes drive from Hohoe to Liati and  30minutes drive from Golokwati to Gbledi. Motorbike was my main mood of transportation while there.

afadjato, mountain afadja,

this is where your journey begins

• The cost of climbing the mountain is 5cedis($2) for adults. It’s without a guide but one can be provided for a fee. Wear a comfortable sneaker so your feet doesn’t give you up on the way.

• Get your own water before starting the hike – a big bottle of water is recommended. If you fail to do so, you wouldn’t get water from anywhere on the mountain.

• I suggest you wake up early to climb, it can be between 5:30am to 10am-perfect climbing time or 3:30pm to 4:30pm. It is not advisable after 5pm. If you detest meeting lots of people while climbing,go on a weekday because there are a lot of people on weekends.

afadjato forest, mountain afadja

Meet Christian, the boy who walked us to the top

  • How long it takes to climb to the  top of the mountain depends on every individual. It is likely first timers will take 40minutes to 2hours. It took me an hour and half to get to the top because my friend kept stopping after every 2minutes. Christian the boy who walked us to the top told me he spends 15minutes to get to the top.
mountain afadja, afadjato, tourist attractions in ghana, ghana

view from the top

mountain afdja, volta region,ghana

They all wanted to take a picture ….happy moment

Making your way to the top of Afadjato isn’t easy but the natural beauty at the top makes the stress worth it. Also have in mind that the stress would definitely carry you through for few days. Ooo, don’t forget to check the weather condition before embarking on this adventure so the rain doesn’t make your journey bad. To watch the video, visit the video page on the menu.

afadjato, mountain afadja, highest mountain in Ghana, travelwithapril

afadjato, mountain afadja, afadzato, Ghana, tourist attractions in ghana, travel blog, hike

On top of the world, errm I mean Ghana!

Read about my experience hiking Afadjato here. I also want to hear about your experience hiking mountain Afadja, so do well to comment them below….. Happy adventure.



  1. aston k. taylor 2 March, 2017 at 08:57 Reply

    Very useful information. I’m headed there this Saturday (4/3/17). I’ll let you know how fast I get to the top and possibly get you some update if anything has changed. You’re doing a great job. I discovered your blog recently and I’m in love with it.

  2. Mat 13 March, 2017 at 18:52 Reply

    Comment: Hi April, thanks for the useful information. My gf and I will be visiting mount Afadjato this thursday. Do you know if can get any guesthouse around to lodge for the night?

    • April 14 March, 2017 at 00:05 Reply

      I lodged at mountain view hotel in Gbledi-estate, 3-5minutes walking distance from Afadjato’s second entrance. Oo how I miss this day. Stay safe guys come back to tell me all about your adventures. Happy travel.

  3. matt 19 March, 2017 at 06:15 Reply

    Thanks April for the info….it helped us to locate our way to mount Afadjato. Climbing the highest mountain in Ghana was really interesting. It took my gf and I about 1hr 35mins to get to the top. It was really a great experience. Love it.

    • April 19 March, 2017 at 12:45 Reply

      Congrats Matt, soo happy to know you successfully made it to Afadjato. 1:30mins is okay, I remember using same. Next time I visit, I’ll try using 45mins.

  4. Olivia 23 November, 2017 at 11:25 Reply

    Hi April, very interesting! Is it a whole day thing visiting the Falls and climbing the mountain or just the a half-day?

    • April 24 November, 2017 at 07:53 Reply

      It’s a half day thing if you start early enough and also have a car at your disposal. There are 2 waterfalls, one(Tagbo falls) is around the mountain and the 2nd(Wli falls) is another 40 mins drive away.

  5. Frank 1 December, 2017 at 22:06 Reply

    Thanks for the info.
    I have been planning to visit the place so with this info am more than ready to go now. I’ll surely share with you my experience when I visit the place.

  6. Manuel Redeemer 23 June, 2018 at 09:15 Reply

    Good morning dear, please how much is the cost of climbing the mountain now? Any number to contact for more information?

    • April 1 July, 2018 at 13:46 Reply

      I’m sure it will still be the same price but even if there’s a difference in price, it wont be anything outrageous

  7. Amie 26 July, 2018 at 10:14 Reply

    Do you know if it is still possible during the rainy season? I am in Ghana for scientific research (in Kumasi) until August and wanted to tackle the mountain at some point in-between measurements. I wonder if there is an okay way from Kumasi to one of the nearby cities?

  8. Patrick 21 September, 2018 at 11:10 Reply

    Hi April! I really enjoy reading and watching ur blogs. Your description of the places u visit is very insightful. It makes me want to go to all these places u describe. I will be visiting boti falls in October, want to know if u can give me any tips that will be helpful. We will be using a public transport and I really don’t know how to get there. Thank you

    • April 21 September, 2018 at 22:23 Reply

      Thank you! Get to Madina station and tell the drivers or mates you’re enroute the Botifalls. They’ll give you a breakdown of which cars to take to your destination.

    • April 18 December, 2018 at 19:44 Reply

      There are guest houses not too far from the entrance of the mountain so you’ll be good. Use to check them out.

  9. Mensah Y Amedzo 16 June, 2019 at 08:41 Reply

    Your blog made my journey to the mountain very smooth. I’m surprised by how accurate you were able describe the journey there. I found more useful information here than on official government websites. Thanks.

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