Day3 Of The Chale Wote Art Festival 2016

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Chale wote is an annual arts festival held on the streets of James town, one of the oldest town in Accra. The program will run through from August 15th to August 21st with the biggest activities held during the weekend. Arts, culture, music, fashion are some of the things to expect at the chale wote art festival 2016.

chalewote 2016, james town, Accra Ghana

Paintings in progress

I made my way to James town on day3 of the art festival to have a feel of the atmosphere. The programe for the day was the screening of “Diasporadical Trilogia and Accra power” at  gallery 1957 located within Kempinski hotel in Accra. Obviously there wasn’t much to do or see while in James town as the programe of the day was being held at Gallary1957. Wall paintings were ongoing and there were few other art lovers strolling and taking pictures on the streets of James town.

The residents seem happy about the festival and hinted me on how full the streets would be from Friday to Sunday-“sounds like what am looking forward to”. Attractions in James town and it’s environs include the Ussher fort, the James fort light house and James fort prison which until 2008 served as prison for the Ghanaian society.

chale wote art festival 2016, chalewote,Jmaes town, light house

James town light house

I wouldn’t have left James town without feeding my curious eyes with the view from the top of the light house. Till date the light house serves as a navigational aid to guide ships away from danger. Reaching the top involves taking 97 stairs (not for people who suffers from acrophobia). I met this lady half way when I was descending, who was refusing to continue upstairs because she was too scared. Well that’s nothing compared to descending the stairs backwards, scary right? Aside the 1minute backwards descent, there’s nothing you can’t handle in there.

chale wote art festival 2016, james town

Beautiful view from the top

mantse agbona, chale wote art festival 2016, chale wote

This Mantse Agbona from the top of the light house

Additional Information

It cost 10cedis per person to climb the light house  – I made use of my bargaing skills and ended up paying half the price(5 cedis).

I would advice you climb the climb the light house before the weekend to avoid a cue.

There are enough area boys around to take you round the community for a token.

The James Fort Prison

The James Fort Prison

chale wote art festival 2016, chalewote, Ghana, festivals

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power over you. Be you, be free

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