6 Best Ice cream Parlours In Accra

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Have you ever heard the quote “Everyday is a good day for galeto”? I have and I can relate because I love ice creams. It’s usually made from dairy products such as milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors.”yummy”. Evidence does suggest that the earliest ice-cream making practices were developed in China, by adding rock salt to a mixture to increase its hardness.

Today ice cream is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. A good source of energy and vitamins but remember to consume in moderation. With GHS10 or less, you’re guaranteed a scoop of ice cream from any of these ice cream parlous in Accra.


Ready to serve you with delicious ice cream from a great variety of flavors with Kinder and caramel being my favorite. Count on them for free wifi. Locate them in Osu, opposite firefly, and east legon on the jungle road not far from starbite.

Ci gusta

Currently the hottest ice cream parlour in Accra no doubt,even the bald statue outside knows it. They have a beautiful decor and a good location to hangout and eat some top-quality gelato with friends. Locate them on the Patrice Lumumba Rd Airport, on the same premises with koala.

Le must

This is where I mostly get my coned ice creams. There’s not many flavors to choose from at the Accra mall branch as compared to the other parlours but their ice creams taste great. Locate them at the Accra mall, food court and the West hills mall at weija.

 ice cream



A long trusted ice cream parlour that has been in existence for many years. Am sure every ice cream lover has had a taste of their ice cream, if you haven’t, you’re probably new in Accra. Locate them on the Oxford St, Osu and the Accra Mall food court.

Trésence Café

With a very beautiful atmosphere to enjoy your ice cream and many flavors to choose from, you’re guaranteed a good ice cream day. Locate them on the 2nd floor, Oxford street mall.

Gelatos Sandri

I’ve had their ice cream a couple of times and there’s no day I didn’t enjoy it. They use fruits such as banana, mango, coconut to make their ice creams.Try the “vanilla” it’s fabulous. Locate them at the flowerpot Junction,adjacent to the Spintex Tunnel.

How many of the places on this list of ice cream parlours in accra have you been? Tell me about your experience with them. Have you had any good ice cream somewhere you think should be on the list? Comment it below. Have a great ice cream day.


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