Things To Do In Cape Coast

things to do in cape coast, cape coast castle guns

Cape Coast is rich in history and also famous for it’s beautiful blue water beaches. Being a coastal city, fishing is among it’s major activities. There are also a number of things to do while in Cape Coast which include the following …

Kakum national park

things to do in cape coast, kakum park, canopy walk

For adrenaline junkies, this is a good pick for you. You get to walk 7 canopies attached to tree platforms suspended 100 feet above valley floor in Ghana’s semi tropical rain forest. Don’t forget! I already told you it’s pure adrenaline, to read about my canopy walk experience click here.


Go fishing with the local fishermen

things to do in cape coast, cape coast fishermen,

Take a day off to admire the hard work of the fishermen as they prepare to go fishing with their green fishing net and colorful canons. Wanna join them? Just ask, they’lld be okay to have you on board ….More hands is good

Capecoast castle

cape coast castle, ghana slave trade, things to do in cape coast

A visit to Cape Coast should include the Cape Coast Castle, an excellent museum with information about the history of Ghana, the slave-trade and local culture. Guides are always available at the castle to take you around from the dungeons all the way to the “door of no return”. he Cape Coast castle is a Unesco world heritage site.

Elmina castle

elmina castle, things to do in cape coast, ghana castles

Another historic castle located in capecost is the Elmina castle also called St George’s Castle. It was the first and for many centuries the largest, European building constructed in tropical Africa. Find out more about the dark past of this building wen you visit.

Visit The Monkey Sanctuary

things to do in cape coast, monkey sanctuary, animal sanctuary, ghana wild life

3 km away from the Kakum National Park, is an animal sanctuary started by a Dutch couple with monkeys being the main attraction. Among the animals that can be found are crocodiles, civic cats, turtles and of course monkeys.

Meet the people.

things to do in capecoast , soccer, Ghana

Take a walk on the street of capecoast, familiarize yourself with the environment, meet the locals, pass by the beach or a soccer field and join the beach soccer boys play a good match.

Ever been to Cape Coast? Want to add to the list of things to do in Cape Coast? Please comment it below for updates later …Happy travels




  1. Chris Green 10 December, 2016 at 14:47 Reply

    I’d add a visit to the fish market near Elimina Castle. It’s where the fishermen come in with their boasts and sell their catch to the market women. It can be a bit chaotic, with everyone shouting and trying to get a good bargain, so make sure you don’t get in the way. It’s very interesting to see all the different types of sea life though – last time I was there, I saw a shark!

    • April 12 December, 2016 at 10:58 Reply

      Thanks Chris I remember seeing the fish market from a distance but didn’t enter. Next time, I will cause I also want to see a shark.

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