3 Reasons Why I Love Road Trips

I absolutely love road trips and the feeling that comes with exploring this huge world by car. I’ve taken a number of road trips and am currently on my way to Kumasi (the Ashanti region of Ghana). I’ll still be hitting the road to explore more of Ghana in August so I thought of writing this post about why I love road trips…
Road trip

This is one of the reasons I love road trips.

The Music, Food, Landscapes

Road trips are so much fun when you’re traveling with good friends who are also interested in taking that trip and wants to have as much fun as you. Listening to songs and singing out the words together is one awesome thing to do. The food (sometimes it’s fun to eat with a group of people), the chats among friends – try to catch up with the good old days, the landscapes(don’t think i can even leave it out because it’s actually one of the favorite things I watch out for aside constantly looking on my phone for network signal) and the old towns along the road gives me the chill.

why I love road trips

A hot cup of coffee I bought halfway through my journey …

The spontaneous stops

Once in a while when taking a trip, some things gets to your attention so bad that u just have to stop and check it out. Am guilty of this, It’s happened to me lots of times, I mean almost all the time probably because of my new found love for photography.
why I love road trips

A beautiful mud house I spotted on my way

Why I love road trips
The silent time

As much as road trips are fun with the people you love, it can also be fun being with yourself and your thoughts. I am more than satisfied by secretly admire the views while listening to music with my earphones(I do this mostly on a bus). It gets me in a relaxed state of mind and also gives me new post ideas to write about like this very post. In the end, road trips are always going to be fun if you’re excited about taking that trip. You can click on the link to find out how to plan the road trip of a life time.

Ever been on a road trip? Share with me your experiences so we can chat….. Happy travels

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