Beaches In Ghana You Should Really Visit

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I love beaches, yes I do!. Having a lazy day at the beach, laying low and admiring nature, watching the sea waves is one of my favorite things to do. Having explored quiet a number of beaches in Ghana, recommending beaches for you would be a pleasure…

Many of these beaches have good accommodation so if you find the beach attractive, sleeping over wouldn’t be a problem. Note that the rip current in Ghanaian beaches is strong. Be careful how deep you go and for clean water beaches, visit the ones listed out of Accra.

Beaches In Accra

Labadi beach

beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of Accra, labadi beach

when you talk of beaches in Accra or Ghana, Labadi beach is  the first to come in mind, it’s the most popular beach in Ghana with a huge crowd especially on Saturdays and Sundays. For less crowd, visit on a weekday. There’s a lot to see anytime you visit, the people, Acrobats, arts made with sand, live music performances from random Rastafarians(remember to tip them off with 1cedi after listening to them sing, not compulsory but it would be nice of you to do so). There is a lot to eat and drink for a small fee. Be careful not to get picked on.

Bojo Beach

bojo beach. Beaches in Ghana, Accra beach, beach, Africa,

A beautiful beach located in Bortiano, 20 minutes drive west from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. One interesting thing about this beach is the fact that, you get to cross a river to get to the beach. check here for tips and pictures.

Kokrobite Beach

beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of Accra, kokrobite beach

Kokrobite is like the second popular beach in Accra, very popular among expats and also home for reggae lovers and Rastafarians as well. It has more of a party atmosphere and okay for those who like to indulge in a little smoke. located about 27km west of Accra, few minutes drive pass Bojo beach.

Big Millys Backyard

beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of Accra, big millys backyard beach

Big Millys is  popular among backpackers in Ghana with almost the same atmosphere as that of Kokrobite beach can be located 5 minutes drive away from Kokrobite beach. Visit on a Saturday(reggae night) to enjoy good reggae music. There’s always drinks and good food available.

Beaches Out Of Accra

Anomabo Beach Resort

beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of Accra, Anomabo beach

A collection of beach huts which range from tents, to better equipped rooms with air conditions. There are also family huts. Their food is good, the beach is great, clean and safe from pick pockets. There’s a lot of untouched nature and friendly people all around you, you’re definitely going to like it here.

Maranatha Beach Camp

maranatha beach camp, ada beach, ada foah, travel with april,

I told you, the scenery is everything. this is a view of the camp from the river side….

This is not the place to sleep if you looking for something a little more luxurious but it’s good for budget travelers. With Ghc50($13) per night, you get access to a bed, one mosquito net, electricity in the hut, shared toilet and  a bucket(what more can you ask for?). Food is available but a little pricey, you can bring your own food. And ooo, the scenery is everything. I suggest a night stay there. Located an hour and half east of Accra in the small town of Ada-Foah on the Volta estuary.

Ankobra beach

Ankobrah beach, beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of AccraAnkobra beach is located near the coastal village of Axim, two hours west of Takoradi on the Axim Ankobra river road. A very remote area, but lovely. The beach is very neat and well kept, beautiful views with a very perfect family atmosphere. If relaxing on a clean uncrowded palm lined beach is your idea of a good holiday, then this is  where you should be.

Busua beach

beaches in Ghana, beaches in Accra, beaches out of Accra, busua beach

It’s among the cleanest and most peaceful beaches out of Accra. It’s not littered with trash or excess people. Busua is a beach resort and fishing village located in about 30 kilometres west of the regional capital, Sekondi-Takoradi, Western region.

Gomoa Fetteh Beaches

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An hour away from Accra houses a number of beautiful beaches you can visit. This includes White Sand beach club(it’s a private beach resort but they also accept non club members at a fee, expensive but worth every view in there), Sunset beach resort and Tills beach.

Escape3point beach

Escape3 point is a small hidden paradise on a stretch of pristine secluded beach. The beach is relaxed and peaceful and the wave filled ocean is just perfect for surfers. Its located in the village of Cape3 point in the Western region.

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your say on this list of beaches in Ghana?. You can also comment more beautiful beaches you think deserve a spot on this list for an update.



Have a great day at  the beach.

XO, April.


  1. Steph G 5 September, 2016 at 10:46 Reply

    Dear April, these are amazing, so many beautiful beaches in Ghana, I want to visit all of them. I recently went to Cape Three Points and stayed at an eco lodge called Escape Three post. I would totally add it to your list, it’s a little past Busua 🙂 Thank you for sharing all your tips and pictures, great blog 🙂

    • April 5 September, 2016 at 20:43 Reply

      Hello Steph thanks for the additional information, I’ve had a good number of review from others about this place so I sure need to update this list quickly. I’m glad you find my blog helpful, thank you.

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