5 Interesting Things To Do In Takoradi

things to do in takoradi
Western regions capital, Takoradi also known as the oil city is the 3rd largest city in Ghana. Takoradi is my second best pick for beautiful and clean beaches after Cape Coast. Though there isn’t much to do aside visiting beautiful resorts you can also find some interesting things to do in Takoradi on this list ……

Nzulezu stilt village

Nzulezo stilt village, things to do in takoradi, nzulezu

Nzulezu is a village built on stilts in the marshy Amansuri Lagoon. It’s an hour canon ride on the lagoon throw the thick lush grass from Benyin. Benyin is 2hours drive from Takoradi, the view at Nzulezu is similar in looks and atmosphere to Genvie in Benin. This is a unique little fishing community, far from the hustle and bustle of daily Ghanaian life.

Fort Apollonia

Fort Apollonia, things to do in takoradi, takoradi

Relax at the beach

things to do in takoradi, takoradi Ghana

This is basically one of my favorite thing to do when in Takoradi. Take a relaxing day at any of the clean and beautiful beaches in Takoradi. Last hour beach, Busua beach are among some of the beaches to relax and admire nature.

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