Just A Bojo Beach Day With Pictures

During the week, I spent some time working on this blog, updating contents and getting few things to place. Adhering to the saying “all work and no play, makes…….” so I took a day off to relax my stressed muscles. In my opinion, there’s no better place to relax than on the beach. I spent my Tuesday relaxing at Bojo beach, taking pictures and admiring nature! it’s located in Bortiano Accra, 20 minutes drive from Circle.


As at May 2016, the current cost to enter the beach is Ghs15  for adults and Ghs10 for children.

Food and drinks is not allowed from outside because you can buy from the bar at the beach.

Don’t walk from the outer entrance(the beach junction) of the beach to the main entrance where the entry fee is being paid, because you can be attacked on your way. If you’re not driving, It is advisable to pick a cab which would cost you Ghs5 or less. You can also ask one of the security men for escort for a small fee.

Below are some pictures I took from bojo beach

bojo beach

The main entrance to the beach

bojo beach ,boat, beaches in ghana

The resort provides a boat to transport you to the beach. (it takes 3 minutes to arrive on the beach), That’s the beach from afar.

beach volley ball, beach sand, bojo beach , beaches in accra

If you look a little further, you’ll see a volley ball court to keep you sports lovers entertained while on the beach.

blue sky, beach, Ghana beach, bojo beach

Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly

bojo beach, salt water, beach sand, beach quotes

Sea foam around my feet

bojo beach. Beaches in Ghana, Accra beach, beach, Africa,

My favorite shot

bojo beach, travel with april


bojo beach, bojo beach resort

While sitting on this side of the beach, this was one of my best view but now, all I can say is ‘Sometimes pictures don’t do justice to the view’.

bojo beach , ghana, accra, beach, travel with april

sunset, clouds, bojo beach.


Have you been to Bojo beach before? Share with me your experiences in the comment box below, it will be nice hearing from you. Happy beach day


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