How I Got My Google Adsense Approved In Less Than 3Months

Google adsense is an advertising placement service by google designed for blogs or website publishers who wants to make money  from their site do so by displaying targeted ads on their site. Adsense is about the easiest way for bloggers to start making money with their sites after their adsense account has been approved by google and ad codes have been installed into their site. Getting google adsense approved for blog or website is a big headache for people these days because google has changed its policies to more strict ones since people started using their google adsense accounts for fraudulent activities to earn money.

People use many illegal tricks to get their google adsense approved but at the end they lose the money and the account too. Let me share with you tips for getting your google adsense approved from google based on my experience and through a very legal method.


Create quality website and genuine content

First Thing first, You need a quality website and for that you need genuine and quality content, whether textual content, images or videos. Don’t use pirated content, don’t embed videos on your website or blog, you can only embed videos if necessary, few times in your posts, Your site should be having quality content indexed in search engines, google preferably. So make sure to submit your website to google webmaster tools, make a proper sitemap and submit it to google webmaster and also make sure you have enough content indexed before applying for google adsense. Finally signup for google analytics to track your traffic.

Create an About us and contact page

I think it will be rude to your visitors and to yourself if you create a website and don’t have an about us, privacy policy or a contact page. You should have a contact page so that people could contact you for any specific reason, like reporting some problem in your website, or offering you direct advertisement for your site, got it?

Making an about us page and privacy policy is a must thing to get your google adsense application Approved. Write at least 250-300 words about yourself or your company or about the goals of your website or blog. If you noticed, you’ll realize I have my about me information and contact me information all on one page which is I named Contact on the upper right corner of the menu. I combined them because I wanted it this simple.

Optimize your Website

Google loves websites that loads quickly, google also loves mobile friendly websites to advertise to your mobile audience. Optimize your website for faster loading on desktops and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Also Google loves a user friendly website so focus on creating a user-friendly website,let your audience be able to easily go through your blog without any difficulty. Keep your website or blog simple and clean not too bulky.If you do all these, your risk of getting rejected will reduce. If your application gets rejected, I know you might be disappointed but then don’t panic not even a little bit! Just add some more awesome content and apply after at least 2 weeks.

Good Luck on your application for getting your google adsense approved for your website, If  you find this post helpful or you didn’t understand something and want to ask a question, Just feel free to leave a Comment, I’ll be glad to help you out.


  1. samuel 24 July, 2017 at 20:18 Reply

    my website always get disaproved when i apply for google adsense…i have done my best to comply with all the rules tho..need help…my site is

    • April 27 July, 2017 at 07:39 Reply

      Hi Sam, I think you should slow down with the application and invest more time on creating good contents for your website. After a a few months you can apply again. Wish you luck

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