Instagram Photos From Real World Travelers

Many times it’s just not enough to read about far-off places and wild adventures, sometimes you need to see them, to visualize them clearly enough to imagine yourself in that particular experience and Instagram is my favorite way to share places I’ve been and also discover new places around the world.

I follow Instagram accounts like National Geographic,Travel Awesome, Wonderful places among others and they deliver amazing instagram photos daily but I find travel bloggers and photographers to be my favorite accounts because they are all over the world doing amazing things. I don’t just follow them for the pictures but I like to follow people that tell a story and introduce me to new places around the world. This includes bloggers, brands as well as excellent photographers. They inspire me on how to make the most of my trips

These are some of my favorite photos on instagram and the photographers behind them…

instagram photos, travel with april, gates of hell, turkmenistan, darvaza

The “Gates Of Hell” in Darvaza Turkmenistan …Photo by Onestep4ward on IG

lake retba senegal, instagram pictures, instagram photos

Lake Retba in Senegal …Photo by onestep4ward on IG

Lake Retba has very high salt content and it’s salinity content compares to that of the dead sea in egypt and during the dry season, it exceeds the dead sea. It’s pink colour is caused by the harmless Dunaliella Sliana bacteria and the nice part is, you can easily float in the lake.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, instagram photos,travelwithapril

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic …photo by jewelsandtravels on IG

tipasa Algeria, onestep4ward, instagram photos

Tipasa in Algeria …Photo by onestep4ward on IG

instagram photos, petyo lake , instagram travellers

Petyo Lake ….photo by smallworldtraveller on IG

zurich switzerland, instagram photos, instagram accounts

Zurich Switzerland, photo by Jewlsandtravels on IG

instagram photos, st barth island

Breath taking view from St.Barths island ….Photo by jewelsandtravels on IG

Breath taking view from St.Barths island ….Photo by jewelsandtravels on IG

golden gate bridge, adventurous kate, instagram, instagram photos

Golden Gate Bridge …photo by adventurouskate on IG

adventurous kate, sunset, boracay philippines, instagram photos

Beautiful sunset view from Boracay in the Philippines …Photo by adventurouskate on IG

bohol philippines, instagram photos

Bohol in the Philippines ….Photo by worldlynomads on IG

abidjan, travelwithapril, instagram photos

St.Paul’s Cathedral in Abidjan …. photo by onestep4ward on IG

polar light, finland, instagram photos

the incredible polar lights in Northern Finland ….Photo by worldlynomads on IG

Hope you liked this post of12 instagram photos from real life travelers, Happy travels!

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