10 Travel Apps For Iphones And Smartphones

Remember when you took that first grainy photo on your camera phone in 2004 and it blew your mind? Those were the days, sort of. Well we’ve moved on since then, so jump on the technology train, grab your smart phone and download this 10 travel apps before you hit the road, traveling has never been so tech savy…


1) XE currency app:

XE has had currency conversions on lock down on the internet for more than a decade and they’ve followed suit here too. Big believers in the ‘Keep it simple stupid’ methodology, this snazzy app converts over 30,000 currencies and what’s even better is that of you go offline, the program will simply use the most recent rate update to perform calculations. Genius.


2) Skype:

Awwww skype, don’t we just love it. Not content with just revolutionizing the phone industry, they’re doing it to the traveling scene too. Get yourself on paypal (another app there too!), hook that up to your skype and get calling your old folks home phones for a fraction of the price of normal calling. Or teach them how to use skype and it’s free. Probably easier to pay the price per minute in all honesty.


3) Google Translate:

Whabam! Finally, on your iphone. Everyone’s favorite, grammatically incorrect translation tool has made it to our smartphones. Don’t ask it to convert Shakespeare but it can handle ‘lunch, toilet and bus station’ pretty well. Get it downloaded folks, and pretend to be multi-lingual. Also good for picking up chicks.


4) Wikitravel offline:

For anyone who doesn’t know about wikitravel, shame on you. It’s the sh*t. Wikipedia for travelers, and now it’s on your phone and it’s on your phone offline. Wowzers! It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Over 20,000 destination at the tap of a screen, the app itself is about $8 so it’s not dirt cheap but when you’re lost in Dubronik at midnight, thinking of Hostel the movie, $8 will feel like a steal.


5) Postagram:

This best way to keep your gf happy, just don’t let her know how easy it is. You can forget about sending touristy postcards to friends and loved ones – take a photo with the Postagram app and send your very own postcard to anyone in the world.  Postagram takes your photo and prints it for you for a mere 99 cents.  You provide the mailing address from your device, and Postagram will send your travel photography through the mail. NOTE: US store only


6) Pano:

If you really need to show off you much better your life is than your friends then Pano will do the job. The beach is too big for the camera? Too many beautiful women to squeeze in one shot? Pano is an amazingly easy-to-use app that allows even novice photographers to shoot panoramas with up to 16 photos using the iPhone’s onboard camera. You can recreate the awesomeness, whack them on facebook and rejoice in the jealous tears of your loved ones.


7) Share-a-bill:

No more cheap jokes necessary here folks, this sexy little app will work out what you ate and paid. On the backpacker scene we don’t buy this ‘split the bull regularly’ malarkey, f*ck that – you drank wine you idiot, it’s $8 a glass. I was forcing down local rice booze with a grimace on my face, no way are we paying the same. We’ve all been there, but no longer. Get the lite version for free, it still doesn the job.


8) WordPress:

Travel blogging is a way of life (and my main source of income) so it’s imperative that I have access to my sites.  Wordpress have made sure of that with their nifty app, it’s not perfect but it keeps you posting!


9) IAmHere:

Want your friends to know exactly where you are? (Scorpion Bay, Baja!) IAmHere sends an email with a link to Google Maps. In my tests it was accurate to within a hundred feet.


10) Amazon Kindle

I’m a huge kindle fan so it hurts me to say this but although the Kindle’s nice, it’s not entirely necessary to carry two devices when you can download e-books directly to your phone? Have an iPhone AND a Kindle out on any of your travel app?

Missed out on any of your favorite apps? Get me updated by commenting it below

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