Tips For First Time Travelers

So you’ve decided that you want to broaden your horizons and travel the world; you’ve booked your flights and you’re now counting the days until you’re living out your wildest dreams like jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft over some beautiful Pacific Islands or trekking the fascinating Inca Trail and ending up at one of the most incredible set of ruins that is Machu Picchu but there are a few things you should think about to make sure your trip isn’t ruined by something that could easily have been sorted before you leave so here are five tips for first time travelers…

1. Travel insurance

One thing that you really need but you hope you never have to use is travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions or for any valuable possessions you plan on taking. This is crucial and make sure you do a bit of homework to ensure you get the right level of cover. Replacing a stolen ipod isn’t so difficult but if you need to be airlifted to hospital for any reason (which, again, I hope never happens to you) then these fees can easily be in the excess of $20,000 so a quick call to ‘Daddy’ might not be an option to help you out!


2. Passport

It always surprises me how important this little book is but without it then your trip is effectively over so just follow these few little tips to help you keep hold of your prized possession. Firstly, before you leave check the expiry date to ensure you’re not making a trip the day before you leave to get an emergency renewal. Keep it in the same place of your backpack when travelling so you’re not rummaging around each time you need it. If you’re staying in hostels, these tend to be pretty safe environments but put your passport (and any other valuables) in a locker if you can as you never know if someone may take a liking for your belongings. Lastly, keep a view photocopies somewhere safe as these could come in handy some day.



3. Multiple credit/debit cards

Traveling around the world isn’t as tough as many people believe, however it pays to be prepared for all situations. There are ATM machines pretty much everywhere in the world now which is very useful for withdrawing your hard-earned cash but as can happen with all of us, sometimes these machines get a little hungry and swallow our cards which could be devastating if you’re just about to embark on your first full moon party in Thailand so one very sensible thing to do is take at least one backup credit or debit card. Maybe go one step further and have one Visa and one MasterCard in case the ATM doesn’t accept one or the other. Also let your bank know you’re leaving your home country so they don’t block your card when you’re away which can be very frustrating!!

tips for first time travelers, debit card


4. Checklist of things to take

If you’re going on a big trip then remembering everything that you need to take can be difficult so one easy way around this is to make a list before you go. For first-time travelers this can be quite a daunting task but fear not, there are plenty of lists available online which can be really helpful so print one of these out and make sure you don’t forget your favorite pair of speedos!

5. Enjoy it!

There can be a lot to think about before you go on a really big trip but try not to get too bogged down by everything and just remember how much fun you will be having soon. If you do get concerned about anything then maybe speak to a friend who’s been travelling before as i’m sure they’d be more than happy to talk about their amazing times and give any recommendations on what to bring so don’t worry about it and just have the time of your life!

Happy travels with these tips for first time travelers

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