Dubai is a thriving hotspot of tourism, growing seemingly exponentially year on year. UAE’s most visited Emirate publicly stated that they don’t want to be over reliant on oil for their revenue streams, so less than twenty years ago they set their sites on becoming one of the world’s favorite hotspots, and they’ve nailed it.

There’s actually a lot to check out, but i know most people only go for a day or two en route to Asia or Europe, with that in mind, check out the top 6 things to see in Dubai when you go:


The Burj Khalifa

burj khalifa, things to see in dubai


Dubai’s most known claim to fame. The world’s tallest building sores above everything else in the area, it’s really something to marvel at. You can’t miss it actually, but if you want to climb it you have to fork out about 50USD, hefty price tag sure – but it’s the tallest in the whooooole world.


The Fountains

fountain laser light in dubai, things to see in dubai

A nice follow up to the pricey Burj Khalifa is the lazer/light/water show at the bottom of the building. Every night from six PM, they show an amazing combination with the fountains – oh, and it’s free.


The Dubai Mall

dubai mall, places to go in dubai

The massive Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world and houses a whopping 1,200 stores. Even if you aren’t interested in buying anything, a visit to this immense retail center is a must: The Dubai Mall also contains numerous entertainment facilities, such as an ice rink, a movie theater and several kid-friendly attractions, including an aquarium that houses more than 33,000 underwater creatures. If you happen to be around at night, stop by the Dubai Fountain outside of the mall.


Desert Safari

desert safari dubai, things to see in dubai

It’s the middle-east folks, and for most visitors here it’s the only middle easten country they’ll likely visit so it’s the main chance to hang with the nomadic Bedouin tribe, ride over sand dunes in a Range Rover, sleep in a tent in the desert and see the most amazing night sky imaginable. Unmissable!


Ski Dubai

places to go in dubai, ski dubai, dubai

Yes Skiing in the Middle East, and yes it’s awesome, and yes it’s pretty expensive, like most tourist attractions here. You can hire literally everything you need, so turn up in your shorts and flip-flops yet within thirty minutes you’ll be on the slopes. Pretty impressive Dubai, well played.


Burj Al-Arab

burj al arab, things to see in dubai

Dubai’s first iconic building has been bumped down the list since the Burj Khalifa opened, but still the gorgeous curves and the islamic-inspired architecture of one of the world’s best hotels is still something amazing to marvel at. There are a lot of cocktail bars where you can gaze out on the Burj as it changes colour throughout the night, beautiful.

There are so many other places to explore in Dubai, check out where to stay, best restaurants and upcoming events in Dubai here.  Good luck guys, and happy travels.

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