What Can I do In Tamale,Ghana?

If you happen to be in Tamale and want to have a feel of the region but don’t know where to go or what to do while there, then below are 5 things to do in Tamale Ghana…



Visit the leather works

A very nice excursion from the center of Tamale is a visit to the suburb called Zongo. Here, almost all people living here are involved in the leather making process.
At a small, dusty square, the locals are willing to show you every part of the process, from the dead goat to the finishing of the sandals. At the end, they of course ask you to buy some of their (nice) leather works, but if you’re not interested they won’t hassle you.

Rent a bicycle

Tamale is a beautiful city and the best way to explore it is through bicycle rides. One of the most bike-friendly region in the northern part of Ghana, cycling is a must try option while here. It is good to ride during light traffic hours to enjoy and also keep safe.


Visit the Tamale central mosque

The most impressing building in the whole of Tamale definitely is the Central mosque that is visible from almost everywhere in the city center. It is a big, yellow building with one minaret at every corner of it.Outside of the praying hours you are welcome to visit the mosque at any time. You just have to ask a guard at the main entrance and he will arrange someone to guide you around. The inside is not very spectacular, beside the fact that is very large building.


Explore wildlife

Africa is blessed With a wide variety of wildlife and the Mole National Park stand as a testimony to this fact. A visit to these parks is definitely called for whiles in Tamale, Ghana.


Go the market

Another must see in Tamale is the central market, in the heart of town. In the streets around it you will see the bigger things being sold, from bicycles to furniture, and from fridges to coffins. Inside the market you don’t see anything like that. There it is all about food, bags of rice, pigheads, cowlegs, but also fresh vegetables, spices and lots of delicious fruits.


Taste the local food

From delicious rice dishes, to spicy soups and to deep fried dishes such as Kosu, Akpale and Fonfom, Ghanaian food is refreshingly different and delicious.

Ever been to Tamale? What are some of the things you did? Comment it below to update the list of things to do in tamale Ghana. Safe journey

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