Reflection On An Aqua Safari Weekend

It was a daring weekend getaway and not a well planned road trip, my friends and I left Accra at night unlike the usual morning or afternoon road trips take off. bags(checked),drinks(checked) music(checked) and we were so ready to set off to the Aqua safari resort in big Ada.

The night drive was pretty awesome until 30 minutes into the journey, it begun to rain and slowly got worse. It rained so hard that we couldn’t see the road anymore – I mean all we could see was a foggy blurry windscreen. So we parked on the side of the road, in the middle of no where waiting for the rain to settle. 10 minutes into the wait, a transport bus(probably going to Lome) slowly moving due to the rain passed by us and we thought it wise to follow the bus since we were using the same route, until we got to a point where the rain was much linnet and we could see the road clearer.

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the poolside at night

It was all new to me, I’ve not experienced it rain so hard that we had to park but I loved it. 2 hours gone and we safely arrived at our destination, Aqua Safari at 12.45 am. We booked a room, settled and changed into our bathing suit to have a 1.30 am swim (what could be more fun than this after a 2 hours midnight drive?-probably sleep).

Talking about sleep, I remember going to bed around 4 am and waking up to this beautiful green environment(i just love green), it was a perfect good morning view(simply beautiful). From our chalet, I got a good view of the poolside and the river not far away. There are animals such as Donkeys, peacock among others that can be seen around. There are some exciting water activities too, you can go on a jet ski ride, boat ride or use the fly board you’re free to use whichever one you want at a cost.

aqua safari resort ghana, weekend getaway, Ada resort

Live and let live …The green environment

Oooh how can I forget their food? it’s impossible to forget that yummy sea food with that big headed lobster- too bad I can’t recall the name. All in all, my Aqua safari resort weekend was amazing.

check here for the cost of rooms or any other information you need from the place

Few pictures below…

travel with april, april,tsarley korfe ,april nego

me admiring nature

aqua safari resort, ghana resorts, volta region, girls weekend

A friend and I infront of our chalet

Aqua safari resort, peace holiday inn, big ada, ada estruary

A view of the place

April Nego,aqua safari, senyuie, travel with april, female travel blogger

just me at the aqua safari resort

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