Happy Birthday TO ME

I am dedicating the day to celebrating myself, something we’re not really thought to do all that much. Today being my birthday, I just have couldn’t help but celebrate me. I’m not celebrating my publication or accomplishment or anything tangible, I am celebrating my life. I’m alive (yaaassss!) and so are you(if you’re reading this post). Cheers to another year around the sun,its good to be alive.It’s been exactly a year since my previous birth day and I love all the changes that happened to me during this time, whether good or bad, I still loved every bit of drama and happiness. Most of all, I love that I have a passion for what I do right now even if it’s a part time thing(might eventually turn into a  full time)-telling people about my experiences on the road being it good or bad and giving them tips to stay safe and enjoy their travels.

happy birthday, Cheers, pineapple, fruit

Cheers to another year around the sun

I feel so blessed to be around friends and family this time and I consider most of my blog readers friends and family. I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Travel With April(TWA) readers for the interest you’ve shown in this blog. I have published a post each week since the blog came to birth and it has not always been easy. I’ve taken leaps of faith and risks and you’re still here once a gain, I say thank you for your time and support.

My birthday wish is for you to keep giving me your support and also I want you to celebrate yourself, without any guilt or shame. I would love to hear from you on my facebook page what you are doing to celebrate you. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

happy birthday April, travel with april, celebration, beach,Accra, Ghana

i couldnt laugh any harder …a casual pic i took days to my birthday

Happy birthday, travel with april, April

Me on my previous birthday.



 Have a beautiful day
















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