Are you excited about hitting up some awesome beaches around the Mediterranean?. Here are 5 of Europe’s best beaches to explore   

1) Zante, Greece – Shipwreck Beach:

Just off the west coast of Greece lies paradise. If you like Maya bay in Thailand (from the Beach movie), this is its European brother. Known as shipwreck beach (Navagio) thanks to the smuggler ship cast on it’s white sand beach, it’s jammed full of people from the mid afternoon cruises. So hit it up early, before 11am, or late afternoon, after 3pm and you’ll have the place to yourself. Get me there now! 

best beaches in europe ...shipwreck beach

shipwreck beach …Spain

2) Ibiza, Spain – Cala Salada beach:

It gets a bit of a hard time thanks to the party scene but Ibiza is still home to some of Europe’s best beaches. The best beach in Ibiza is Cala Salada beach. It’s on the northwest coast of San Antonio and there’s no public transport so it’s not rammed full of drunken Brits!

cala salada ibiza spain beach

Casa Salada beach …Spain

3) The Curonian Spit, Lithuania:

The Curonian Spit is a UNESCO world heritage site, but unknown to western tourists. In other words, is a travelers dream. The 100km spit is only accessible by 10 minute ferry from Klaipeda, rent yourself a bike for $4 and go and find your own perfect, untouched beach. Because Lithuania is so far North, you can enjoy sunset as late as 10pm. Perfection.

lithuanian beach

Curonion spit beach  …Lithuanian

4)  Algarve, Portugal – Praia Da Marinha beach:

I know, I know there are a lot of beaches in the Algarve, so if you’re gonna only go to one, go to Praia da Marinha, which always features in the world’s best beaches list. It’s easy to reach too, with great transport links, faro airport transfers, and cheap deals. I can’t wait to veg out here.

paria da marinha beach, europe beaches

Praia da marinha beach …Portugal

5) Brac, Croatia – Zlatni Rat Beach

Croatia is bang on the map these days with it’s white sand beaches and sexy islands. The pick of the bunch is Zlatni Rat beach, which probably should win the award for least appropriately named place in the world, considering it’s name is a rodent, whereas it’s beach is perfection. The pic does more justice than my ramblings.

brac beach, 5 best beaches in europe

Zlatni rat beach …Croatia

The 5 best beaches in Europe? Possible, if you guys can think of more, I’d love to hear them. Happy travels!

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