Ways To Meet People On The Road

Not everyone finds it easy to step out of their comfort zone and strike up a conversation whiles traveling, it takes practice. The sooner you break the ice, the more amazing and  memorable your travel experiences will be. These steps are tips to help you meet new people on the road while traveling.

Food: people are so passionate about food that, if you ask anyone off the street where you can get the best food joint where locals eat?. You’ll get a quick response and this is the fastest and surest way to meet locals and other travelers. When you arrive, you can ask “what’s the best food to order” you’ll find that, locals love to share their favorite food with you and it’s a great way to connect with them.

Ask for directions: Asking people to take a photo of you or asking for directions is also another great way to start a conversation. In this tech world of smart phones and selfish sticks, asking for directions could be easily limited because you can do it on your own but it’s still a nice way to start a conversation.

Go to the mosque, church, or a temple: Whether you’re religious or not, religious sites are the most intriguing route into any community. It will be a soulful experience  and absolutely a free way to meet people until that basket is passed to you.

Attending a local sports events: Stop by to watch locals play soccer at the beach or a community field, you can also ask to join one of the team to play. It’s a great way to have fun and meet people and also a new experience gained.

Friends of friends: Your friends can be of help to you in meeting new people while traveling by giving you contacts of their friends in the location where you are. You can also use social media such as facebook.

I want to hear from you, share with me the best way you connect with new people while traveling.

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