Travel With April Quarterly Recap

First off let me say, It’s nice to have readers like you and I acknowledge you all for being true to me. I started blogging my travels in January which is 3 months ago and I must say it has been though in some ways when I almost got arrested in Lome over a photograph, doing the canopy walk among other stories, none of these things I hide from in my writing or from my readers. Thank you travel with April readers for keeping up to date with posts on the blog. I’ve decided that after every 3 months, I’ll d write a summary or a recap of what went on during the 3 months just in case you missed out on anything, you’ll be updated here with this one post.

Destinations Visited

CapeCoast -Ghana

Aburi – Ghana

Lome  -Togo

My favorite destination

Lome … The beach

Most popular post

51 Travel quotes to inspire your wanderlust


Other posts: Posts published within the 3 months are 27 but I would only list 10 out of the 27.

  1. Things to pack for a trip
  2. 7 Most romantic destinations in the world
  3. Important lessons life taught me
  4. 12 Best travel movies you should watch
  5. Canopy walk in kakum national park
  6. Why you should travel solo
  7. 10 places to visit in Ghana
  8. Should I travel with my laptop?
  9. 9Biggest mistakes solo travelers make
  10. Things to see and do in Lome


Most Popular Photo On Instagram

Everybody loves sunset, well I don’t know about everybody but I sure do love watching the sun set. I snapped this picture in Capecoast at the Capecoast castle standing on the bedroom balcony of the colonial masters.

sunset at capecoast castle, Ghana, travel with april

Most popular picture on instagram with the last 3 months


Locations with the most traffic: These are the 3 countries where I’ve recorded the highest readers from.

  1. Ghana
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom

Coming up in the next 3 months from April – June 2016





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