Dispel The Myths – Just Believe

We should all embrace lifestyle design, in our own way. Dispel the myths! We can do what we truly want in life, we just have to believe it. I just want to remove some barriers that a lot of people feel hold them back from following their true dreams.

  • Rules are put in my place my arbitrary figures of self-awarded importance that deserve no bearing in our (my) life. Make your own rules and live by those.


  • Societal pressures are outdated and redundant, they don’t fit the new rules that 21st century life can be lived by, if we want.


  • Security is over rated. I’m not saying it’s meaningless but it’s massively overvalued. Freedom is gold, and you can’t feel life until the safety net is missing or at least a little further away.


  • Money does not represent success however start doing what you really want to do and money will invariably come your way

myths, dispelling myths

  • Religion can be awesome if it makes you a better person, if it doesn’t then drop it. Be the best person you can be and you’ll wake up happy every day.


  • Planning is for engineers and architects. If you know what you want do, do it and do it now.


  • No-one is too good for you, no job too hard and no task is unachievable. Haters, the media, general negativity will try to bring you down but forget all that. If you really, really want it – you can do it.


  • Working HALF the time you currently do and having a more exotic, more exciting and more fun life is not just manageable but it’s pretty easy too. Just find your niche and go for it.

Life is what we make it folks, so make it big, Don’t toe the line, do what makes you happy and forget everything else. Dispel the myths, help people every time you get the chance. Be inspired and become inspirational. See you on the road. Happy travels.


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