Things To See And Do In Togo

Togo is a small country in West Africa sandwiched between Ghana to the west and Benin to the east with a population of about 7.5 million. It’s not exactly a tourist town but there are a few things to see and do in Togo.
The grande marche: The grande marche is the Lome market. It consist of 3 story building and comes with everything and anything ranging from clothing to fresh fruits.
Marche aux fetiches: The fetish market is not a place for everybody, but it sure is an interesting stop for people interested in vodoo culture. There is a guide who will show you around and explain to you what you see for sale. Mostly animals and parts of animals ranging from hyena to shark teeth used to guard against diseases/ enhance skills.
things to do in Togo

The fetish market in Lome

The National Museum: It’s situated in place de l’independence behind palais du congres in Lome. The museum displays the history and culture of Togo including some of Benin and Nigeria as these countries have close links in history. There is an English speaking guide to help you understand the displays set out and labeled in French.
The beach: Lome has very amazing beaches where you can go and relax at no cost. The wide beach is filled with nice palm trees and locals can be seen playing football on the beach. Short drives from the capital takes you to small beach towns of Bagude and Avepozo. Where you will find some of the most beautiful untouched beaches on the coast of West Africa.You’re going to have a nice time hanging out at the beach bar.
places to go in Togo

A picture of Lome wonderful beaches

Tamberma Valley: This is the best known destination in Togo but it’s also the hardest to get to (7hours road trip from Lome to Kara). 2 hours to the north of Kara region is the Koutammakou, a Unesco world heritage site. The local Batammariba people (Tamberma people) stay in these houses made of mud and straw. This intriguing castle like structures has become a symbol of Togo. It is the highlight of a trip to Togo despite the journey to get there.
Fazao Mafakassa National Park: Between the Kara region and the central region is Fazao Mafakassa Park with beautiful waterfalls and rocky hills scenery. The park is home to the last population of elephants in Togo. It’s divided into two parts, the forest Classee DU fazao and Malfacassa zone de chasse.
Agbodrafo: This town was once a Portuguese fort and an important station along the coast,it’s half an hour from Lome. Much of the evidence of the cruel past has been erased but you can still visit the Maison des esclaves and learn a little slave history.
slave house

Maison des esclave

Aneho: Aneho is on the outermost part of Togo’s short coast and the spiritual center of the Guin-Mina people. This town was built on a lagoon and was the first German administrative center on the coast. Much of it’s colonial architecture still exists.
Kpalime: An hour and half drive from Lome sits Kpalime. Kpalime is sourrounded by several hills covered in rain forest with small villages, stunning waterfalls and deep valleys. To get to the peak of mount Kloto or any of the water falls, local guides can arrange hikes for you.The town still has some impressive colonial buildings such as the governors house and the German Cathedral.
Things to do and see in togo

Kpalime waterfalls

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