Round And About In Lome – Togo West Africa

After postponing my trip earlier, I was all set on Sunday afternoon for my trip to Togo a country in West Africa which borders Ghana to the east. I Left Accra to Tema roundabout to board a car to the Aflao border. On the road, you get to see the Volta lake at Sogakofe, beautiful landscapes and rice farms along the road. I safely arrived at Aflao around 5pm and successfully crossed the border to Lome. It wasn’t my first time in Lome so my accommodation was already sorted out, I’lld be staying over at a friend’s house. It was less than a 3 hour journey but I felt like I’d been sitting in the car for 5 hours, I was tired and all I had in mind was to get something to eat and sleep and I did exactly that.

It was time to do some sightseeing the next day so I managed to pull two of my friends along with me to Agbodrafo which is 30 minutes away from the capital Lome. First off, we stopped by the Maison des esclave a house where slaves were kept to be exported. It’s always been sad visiting slave houses, nothing fun about them but you get to learn a lot of history when you visit for CFA1000. The man at the slave house speaks English just in case you don’t understand French.

Our next stop was another 20mins drive from Agbodrafo heading towards the Benin border, we stopped by the the estuary where the sea meets the river. It’s such a beautiful place, you don’t need anyone to tell you the difference, why? Because the difference is clear. After an hour around the estuary admiring the place and taking pictures, the Togo lake was going to be the last place we visit before heading back to the capital. The Togo lake (a dd more). We managed to make our way back to the house and rounded the day up with a plate of Acheke at a local eatery.

Acheke Togo


Then came Tuesday and all I wanted to do was spend the whole day at the beach, that’s one of the things that makes me love the country, their beautiful clean beaches with palm trees all over. I had issues with my Internet and had to get it checked at my network provider’s office before heading to the beach. I left the house on a motorbike(mototaxi), it’s the major mode of transportation in Lome and doesn’t cost much moving around with. Short distances can cost you CFA200 and with the long distance, you can bargain after the quoted price and pay less. The ride in town was much more fun than I expected (would love to do it again). I quickly finished with my service provider and headed straight to the beach. I spent the rest of my day alone,enjoying the sun and admiring nature.

Togo West Africa, beach

One other place I had in mind to see is the unesco world heritage site of the Tamberma valley, in the Kara region of Togo but I later found out it takes 7 to 9 good hours to get there. I wouldn’t have been able to take a return journey when I had less than 2 days to leave Togo so I guess I’ll add it to the list of things I’ll do when next am in Togo. After crushing my dreams of going to Tamberma valley,I patiently waited to experience night life in Lome to climax my trip. the perfect night to me is Fridays and Saturdays.

Thank God it didn’t take too long to arrive. To start the night, my friends and I went out to eat  because after 11pm, it’s a little difficult getting food. We left to sit at a local bar to allow time pass, it didn’t take too long before we entered the club. Togo might be considered small in population but not in terms of night life, the biggest club in West Africa (Privilege night club) is located in Lome. Aside privilege, they’ve got other clubs to party in such as Monte Cristo among others. The cost of drinks in the club is 3 times the price you’ll buy it on a normal day so if you’re on a budget travel, I advice you get yourself a drink before entering the club. The night was amazing and we left the club around 4am, it was just the right climax I needed before leaving Togo in 8 hours.

Language mainly spoken: French and Ewe

Currency: CFA Franc

Transportation: Motor taxi(Okada),  Cab (identify them with a yellow number plate)

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