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Having heard so much and watched videos of people who have walked the canopies at the Kakum national park,I decided it was time I had my own share of the place. I got in touch with two friends who were eager to experience the canopy walk too.

A day ago, my friends and I made our way out of Accra to the historical land of capecoast. From Accra, we took a mini bus(Ford bus) from Kaneshi station direct to Cape Coast. On the way, you get to see nice mountain views, town houses and some of Ghana’ best secondary schools like Adisadel college among others. I bet you’ll enjoy the ride to CapeCoast on the smooth curvy road, which turned out to be rather quick than expected, only about 2 hours from Kaneshi station. The plan was to visit both the Kakum national park and the Capecoast castle same day. On arrival at the station,we took a taxi to the Kakum park first because the driver advised they close earlier 3.30 pm  than the castle does 5.30 pm.

kakum national park

The entrance of the Kakum National Park

Taking the advise of the taxi driver, we headed towards the park, it was a 25mins bumpy and dusty road drive from the capecoast bus station to the park which cost Ghs60($15 not good for a budget traveler) we bargained with him to wait and take us from the park to the castle and then back to the Accra station which summed up to Ghs130($35). you can cut down cost by taking a loading taxi from the station to the Kakum park but due to lack of inquiry and patience from our side, it didn’t even occur to us to find out how long the drive would take or how much it would cost so we ended up spending more than we budgeted for.

kakum park

Walking through the forest to the canopy walkway

We waited 40mins after payment since there were other people on the canopy and after the long wait, it finally got to our turn. A walk through the forest to the canopies takes 10 minutes and that is the only way to  get there after which your amazing and scaring canopy walk adventure begins. The walkway which is 350metres long passes over 7 bridges  and provides access to the forest. Notable endangered species in the park are Giant bongo antelope, monkeys, African elephants and yellow backed duiker.

The tour guide took the first step on the bridge because we were all afraid to start then I followed and my friends did too I must admit I was scared, I guess it’s due to stories I heard and the videos I watched of people crying during their walk.With funny thoughts running through my mind half way through the first bridge, all I wanted to do that moment was to return but I wasn’t a loser and I didn’t want to be so I mastered courage to boldly complete the first bridge. It took me 5 mins to finish the first bridge so did the others because we were following each other closely except the tour guide who took a minute to finish her walk. I thought I was scared but my friend Ninel proved to be the chicken among us, she was too terrified to continue after the first bridge and decided not to continue with the rest of the 6 bridges unlike Mubarack who was so determined to finish what he started, what about me? well I decided to do a short cut instead which involves only 3 bridges but since I was done with 1, I only had 2 more left.

kakum national park Ghana, canopy walk, rain forest

The truth is, it’s scary at the start but your fears slowly fades away as you continue and the experience is amazing. We waited 5 minutes after completion and sat down to laugh at ourselves then headed back to the park’s reception on a 10 minutes walk feeling confident and happy about our experience, we stopped to buy cocoa from a man who mounted a table in the forest and continued till we saw a board that read “YOU SURVIVED” ooo yes we did. Overall it’s such a great experience which I don’t mind trying again, if I happen to do the walk again, then this time around, I’ll walk all the 7 canopies. A quick one…. No need to be scared, no one ever died doing the canopy walk just be brave.

The recent entrance fee for Kakum National Park (February 2016)

Entrance fee to the park cost Ghs 2 (less than a dollar)
Walking on the canopies cost Ghs 20 for Ghanaians  and Ghs 50($14) for non Ghanaian.


Ever been to the Kakum national park? share with me your experiences. Yet to visit? Ask me what you want to know. Goodluck

kakum national park

Yes I survived! … the entrance that separates the forest

The moment we stopped by to buy Cocoa ...That's Ninel and Mubarack

The moment we stopped by to buy Cocoa …That’s Ninel and Mubarack,










  1. Kenneth Ofori 15 February, 2016 at 16:43 Reply

    Interesting post here! I have been there and if I had the information you’re giving us now, I’lld have been much more prepared. It was an amazing experience either way. ayeekoo

  2. God first educational complex 25 December, 2016 at 15:28 Reply

    Comment:I am a teacher in God First Educational Complex, manso kumpese in Amansie West District. we want to visit your place. I want to know much about the place, the gate fee for a student. Thank u

  3. April 26 December, 2016 at 14:38 Reply

    Hi there! this is the Kakum National park, it will be a nice place to visit with your students. The normal entrance fee is GHS20 so the fees for the students should be half the price. Hope you have fun.

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