Why You Should Travel Solo

I know you’re used to sharing that special trips and new experiences with your partner, friends or family and the thought of traveling alone scares you especially when you’ve never done it before but to me, growing old and not experiencing all you want from life is more scarier. Take note that solo travel can work for anyone whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, single or in a relationship, here are some good reasons why you should travel solo.

Avoid disappointments It’s difficult when you try to make plans with a friend or a group and they suddenly get busy or change their minds for some reasons, but life has taught me that, if I wait for others, I’ll never go anywhere so refuse to wait and don’t let others stop you from realizing your dreams. For how long do you have to wait for your friends to agree on going on a trip with you before you go?forever i guess. If you’ve been canceling your trips because you’re still waiting for someone to go with, STOP.Take that solo trip now.  You can’t wait on people to live your dreams, in the end it’s your dream not theirs.

Personal freedom: Depending on your destination, a solo trip can be life changing. You may be surprised at how amazing it is to be alone with no one to question your decisions, just you alone with yourself. Wanna go hiking? Go, wanna leave? Leave. Imagine sitting alone on a quite beach at sunset without having to make a conversation with anyone. More so being on the road when you travel solo gives you the opportunity to reflect on life and enjoy your own company.

Meet new people If you’re holding your solo trip because you fear being alone, then it’s about time you take that trip because traveling solo is a wonderful way to make new friends and meet locals. Most of the time, people who are alone seem more approachable to others than in pairs but remember to keep in mind safety whiles making new friends especially in a foreign land. In the end, you’ll never be alone.

Build Your Confidence: If travel makes you smart and builds your intelligence then traveling solo makes you smarter and more intelligent because you have no one else to help you figure out the days schedule except yourself so you tend you approach things differently. Taking a trip alone instills some fear in you but if you take a step and get over your fears, it will empower and inspire you to tackle more things you’ve been afraid of in life.

Find answers to your questions: If you find yourself asking questions like “Why should I travel solo?What is it like to travel alone?, then it’s time you plan that solo trip now. In addition to the points listed above, it is fun to travel alone, you will learn new languages,you also get to encounter funny things to tell friends and family, you will learn new culture and history , you will explore that city or town, you will plan on your next solo trip, you wouldn’t regret you did travel solo.


  1. Joshua ming 31 January, 2016 at 11:29 Reply

    soo true…I like the part you said “if you keep waiting for people to travel, you’re not gonna go anywhere”. several times I planned to travel with friends but they always end up disappointing

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