6 Travel Tips For All Travelers

Not knowing what to expect when traveling somewhere for the first time will leave you with excitement, fear and hope but this travel tips will help you overcome the fear and some travel mistakes

KEEP CALM: The thought of taking a step into an unknown world is scary but hey! you’re not the first person to travel the world.There are so many nice people out there to help and guide you along the way. I know it strikes a lot of fear into you but if millions of people can make their way around the world each year, then you’re also capable of doing same.

KEEP SOME EXTRA CASH ON YOU: Cash is a very important tool when traveling. To help yourself in case of an emergency make sure to keep some cash in a few different places so should in case you loose your wallet, your card stops working or the ATM runs out of money you’ll be glad you did. I suggest stashing some cash inside your socks, under your shoe…. you can also try and discover new & safe places

MAKE NEW FRIENDS: People are your best resources for an up-to-date travel information, so don’t be afraid to say ”hello”. Connect with locals to find out what is happening now and places to visit, you can also ask other travelers or hotel staff for recommendations.

BREAK OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: Challenge your self with things that give you anxiety, the more you do this, the more that anxiety will fade away. Afraid of height? Go hiking. Scared of weird food? Eat the weirdest thing you can find and if you have trouble talking to strangers, talk to everyone. These things work well while traveling because in the first place everything around you is already different so whats one more new experience? You might hate some but you won’t regret any of it instead you’ll walk away more confident.

DON’T RUSH YOUR TRAVELS: I know how tempting it is to try to see it all the beautiful places with limited time on your side and in the end all you have to show for it are photos, stress and experiences but no real knowledge of the places you went. Don’t rush your trips, make time to spend a relaxing day at the beach or just sitting in a cafe watching people. Slow down because it gives you time to think deep from a culture and take it all in.

TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS: You may only see these places and meet these people once in your life time so remember them forever with photos, a lot of photos I mean. Don’t worry about looking like a tourist after all you’re not traveling to look cool. Beautiful pictures are the ultimate gift, they don’t cost you anything and they’re easy to share with others,also they don’t take any space in your luggage. forget to put your camera down and enjoy the view after you’ve captured shots.

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