12 Beautiful Places To Visit In Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa with a population of about 25.9 million people and Greater Accra named as it’s capital city. It shares borders with Togo-east, Burkina Faso-north, Ivory Cost-west and the gulf of Guinea to the south.
It’s a country with diverse cultural background, rich history and hospitable people. When in Ghana, the best places to visit include the castles and forts, the mountains, beaches among others. Out of the many tourist sites in Ghana, find below my first 12.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

places to visit in Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah museum, tourist sites in ghana, visit ghana Built in memory of the first Ghanaian leader, the main features of the park are the Museum and the Mausoleum. The mausoleum is where the mortal remains of Dr.Kwame Nkrumah was buried. The museum houses his personal belongings such as official photographs, books written by him,etc. If you’re in Accra, take sometime off and pass by to learn true Ghanaian history.

Cape Coast Castle

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Built by the European traders on the coastline of the Atlantic ocean, the Cape Coast castle is one of the many slave castles built in Ghana.This historic castle is 3 hours drive away from the capital Accra. It was originally built for trade in timber and Gold but later used to hold slaves before they were loaded on ships and taken to the Americas. Go find out more of this black history or read about mine.

Labadi Beach

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Popularly known as the La pleasure beach is the busiest beach you can find in Ghana. With Ghs3 (less than a dollar) on the weekday or Ghs10 (less than $3) on the weekend, you can get access to the beach. It’s normally calm on the weekdays and busy on the weekends. Experience great reggae performances,acrobatics, cultural drumming and dancing. Food and drinks of your choice is available on demand at a cool price….Enjoy

Larabanga Mosque

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The Larabanga mosque is Ghana’s oldest mosque in the village of Larabanga located in the West Gonja district of the Northern Region. The structure of the mosque was heavily influenced by western Sudanese architecture. It is one of only eight mosques in the country built in this manner and has long been a pilgrimage site for Ghana’s Muslim population.

Kakum National Park

Places to visit in Ghana, Kakum national park, canopy walk , tourist sites in ghana, visit ghana This park is a home for nature lovers like myself. It is located in the coastal environs of the central region of Ghana and covers an area of 375 square kilometers. Kakum national park is noted as one of the 2 locations in Africa with canopy walkway which is 350 meters long and connects 7 tree tops which provides access to the rain forest. It’s an amazing experience walking on these canopies and for those who are afraid of height, this is another chance to overcome your fears. Read about my experience here.

Lake Bosumtwi

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Lake Bosumtwi is a lake formed by an ancient meteorite strike in the Ashanti Region. The name means Antelope God because it is said to be discovered by a hunter chasing an antelope that disappeared into the lake. The lake is seen as a very sacred place to the Ashanti people who live in the area. The lake is about an an hour drive from Kumasi. The shore is currently dotted with 22 villages. Continuing reading about the Antelope god here.

Mountain Afadja

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On top of mountain Afadja

Mountain Afadja or Afadjato is Ghana’s highest mountain located in the villages of Liate Wote and Gbledi in the Volta region. Going to the mountain from Accra takes 4hours. It stands 885m above sea level and takes an hour more or less depending on the individual to hike to the top. Hikers are provided with an incredible view of villages and deep valleys from the top of the mountain. Read about my experience here or find out all you need to know here.

Wli Water Fall

wli waterfalls, water falls in Ghana, volta region, tourist sites in ghana, visit ghana, attractions in Ghana, places to visit in Ghana Wli waterfall is the highest waterfall in West Africa, less than an hour away from the Afadja mountain. There are two hikes routes to the Wli waterfall, one leads to the upper falls and the other to the wading pool at the bottom. Mind you, you’ll have to cross nine bridges to get to the falls so get ready for an exciting walk. Read more about my experience here.


nzulezu stilt village, places to visit in Ghana, tourist sites in ghana, visit ghanaThe amazing Nzulezu stilt village is located on the center of lake Tandane, 90km west of Takoradi. The Nzulezu community is a purely indigenous one where everything including the buildings, mode of transport etc. is made from natural materials. Almost every household has a canoe which is used as a mode of transportation. The village is opened to tourist everyday except on Thursdays which is a sacred day.

Mole National Park

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Mole national park is Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge located in the heart of pristine Guinea Savannah Woodland ecosystem. 30 minutes drive from Tamale. It covers 4,840 km area with animals such as Antelopes, Buffalo, Deer, Elephants, Monkeys, Warthog etc. The park also has an affordable motel to carter for your accommodation.

Lake Volta

lake volta, places to visit in Ghana, tourisit sites in ghana, visit ghana The Volta lake is one of the largest man made lake in the world and it’s about 250 miles (400 km) long and covers  3.6 percent of Ghana’s area. The lake is located in the Volta region 2hours away from Accra and offers a variety of opportunities for cruises and water sport. There are also fascinating  islands and islets such as the Dodi island. checkout some of the beautiful resorts along the lake whiles cruising and don’t forget to pass by the volta lake estuary in Ada.

Boti Falls

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The Boti falls is a twin falls located in Huhunya in the Eastern region of Ghana. It’s the closest waterfall to Accra which takes about 2hours, 30minutes drive. Check out the umbrella rock and the 3 headed palm tree in the same area as the Boti falls. For all you need to know before taking a trip to the Boti falls, here’s a quick guide or checkout my experience .

Let me know if this list of tourist sites in Ghana was helpful to you. Comment more places and your experience below. Happy travel


  1. Pamela Nwaoko 18 October, 2016 at 21:18 Reply

    Hi April! Hope you’re well! What is the best mode of transportation (if you live in East Legon) and do not drive, to get to the Volta region? Thanks for your help!

    • April 19 October, 2016 at 08:45 Reply

      Public transport “trotro” will be the best mode of transportation. You can always get a trotro to the Volta region at Madina station or Accra Tudu station.

  2. Chris Green 22 October, 2016 at 21:37 Reply

    I would add the industrial beauty of Akosombo Dam, the inselberg that is Mount Adaklu, one of the forest reserves (eg Bobiri or Abutia), one of the villages where you can see mona monkeys (eg Tafi Atome) and the hippo sanctuary at Wechiau – or if you don’t like hippos you can touch crocodiles at Paga. Then there’s Jamestown lighthouse, Kente weaving at Kpetoe Agotome and helping the fishermen pull their nets in at Keta. So many choices …

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